Review Sinopsis The Devil Judge (2021)


The Korean drama The Devil Judge is one of the newest 2021 Korean drama series which premiered on July 3, 2021 to replace the previous series entitled ” Mine “. This drama is aired by tvN channel every Saturday and Sunday, at 21:00 Korean time for 16 episodes and is scheduled to finish airing on August 22, 2021.

The Devil Judge is a dystopian themed drama that depicts a world full of chaos and corruption everywhere. This legal-themed drama stars Ji Sung, GOT7’s Jinyoung, and Kim Min-jung as the main players. Curious about the story? Here’s the synopsis.

Drama Brief Synopsis of The Devil Judge

The storyline of the drama The Devil Judge focuses on a chief judge who turns a court into a reality show to punish criminals without mercy.

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Kang Yo-Han (Ji Sung) is a presiding judge who is dubbed the ‘demon judge’ who doesn’t believe in justice. He had an aristocratic appearance with an elegant appearance. He punishes corrupt and greedy people with power. However, behind himself working as a judge, he keeps many secrets that make an assistant judge start to suspect and question who Kang Yo Han is.

Jung Sun-A (Kim Min-Jung) is the executive director of the Social Responsibility Foundation. She is smart and beautiful, but also Kang Yo Han’s enemy. He has the power to control the country by using his relationships.

Kim Ga-On (Jin Young) is a rookie judge. He has been going through tough times since his parents died when he was little. And finally he can become a judge after spending a lot of effort.

Yoon Soo-Hyun (Park Gyu-Young) is a detective. He is an old friend of Kim Ga-On and he is after Kang Yo-Han’s secret.

Drama The Devil Judge
1# Ji Sung plays the character Kang Yo Han

The character Kang Yo Han, is a character played by actor Ji Sung and previously starred in the dramas Kill Me Heal Me, Doctor John and Familiar Wife .

Kang Yo Han works as the presiding judge at the court. Kang Yo Han felt that the world had been hell since he was born and left. However, he realized that he had the power to repay the bitter experience he had previously, by exploiting the ignorance of the community in the field of law.

2# Kim Min Jung as Jung Sun Ah
ung Sun Ah’s character, played by Kim Min Jung, is the executive director of the Foundation for Social Responsibility .

Having many relationships from various circles, Kim Min Jung often uses the wishes of others who are hiding behind hypocrisy as his greatest weapon. And somehow the story, Kim Min Jung becomes Kang Yo Han’s sworn enemy.

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3# Jin Young as Kim Ga On
One of the players that many k-netz have been waiting for is the acting of GOT7’s Jinyoung who gets the role of a young judge named Kim Ga On.

Before becoming a young judge, Kim Ga On had a very difficult past. He was abandoned by his parents who committed suicide when he was 16 years old. He even lost all of his parents’ inheritance because of scammers who pretended to be social workers.

GOT7’s Jinyoung before playing in the drama The Devil Judge, has also appeared in the dramas He is Psychometric and When My Love Blooms .

4# Park Gyu Young starring Yoon Soo Hyun
Next is Park Gyu Young who plays the character Yoon Soo Hyun. Yoon Soo Hyun works as a detective who is also Kim Ga On’s childhood friend.

Secretly, he keeps his love for Ga On, but hides it by treating Ka On as a brother. As a detective and childhood friend, Yoon Soo Hyun helps Kim Ga On carry out his secret mission.