[REVIEW] Sifu—A Brutal and Challenging Hand-to-hand Action


Sifu is an action adventure game released by Sloclap and Microids on February 8, 2022. This game was released for Microsoft Windows (PC), PS4, and PS5 which of course has a pretty good visual appearance. Sloclap itself is a developer from France who previously succeeded in making a digital game with the title Absolver .

So, how about the reviews and reviews of this Sifu game ? Is it true that the developers have injected all sorts of brilliant things in it? Well, if you don’t have one and are planning to buy it, maybe it’s a good idea to listen to Sifu’s review from the author below.

1. Revenge leads you to become a great warrior
In general, Sifu has a very simple plot and narrative style. Sifu itself is the title of a warrior for the top level. This game only dwells on a mission of revenge against the killers who happen to also master good martial arts. Yes, here, you will be the main character with a sad past because the parents of your character were killed by his own student.

You will play a male or female character—chosen before the game—who is actually also a victim of murder. However, instead of dying as a result of being killed, the protagonist is resurrected with the power of the ancestral talisman passed down through our character’s father. Well, this is where the essence of this game goes. Rising from the dead is a common thing throughout the game.

Do not be too happy, yet! The reason is, the resurrection of our character from the dead will have a big impact, namely the sacrifice of age. Yup, the amulet passed on to you will apparently increase the character’s age in multiples. That means, the more often you die in the game, the older the main character will be. Obviously, this is one of the interesting concepts built by Sloclap even though it leads to difficulties beyond reason.

2. Mechanism of gameplay to be the champion
In the writer’s eyes, playing Sifu is a pleasure in itself. Not without reason, the game mechanics injected by the developer into this game can be said to be very intense and far from boring. In addition, the movements displayed by all the characters also feel so responsive. For the theme of self-defense, the author considers Sifu to be one of the games with the best mechanics.

When compared to other empty-handed action games, such as Sleeping Dogs, the mechanics in Sifu still feel much faster and more lethal. Attack, defense, parry, dodge, and combo movements can be done in a flexible way and with high damage . Moving with the PS5 stick feels light and easy.

3. Tough and challenging action game
Despite all kinds of deadly moves and moves, Sifu is still a single action game that is quite difficult to play. In addition to the age-added system included by the developer, defeating enemies at the master level is quite frustrating for the author. The technical mechanisms in this game are no less complicated.

One logical thing that would be accepted is the structure of the body’s resistance. This means that if your character is hit and brutally attacked, your body will feel unsteady and lose its balance. This obviously makes sense, but it also affects the level of difficulty because realistic things like this can make anyone who plays it scream in frustration.

4. Perfect graphics and audio
At first, the author felt that the graphics displayed were too simple to play on the PS5 console. However, after playing it intensely, the writer realized that all the movements and combo systems that were produced had to be represented with the right graphics. Of course, this game puts forward a fighting mechanism that looks realistic.

That’s why it’s impossible for developers to make realistic kung fu games with visual styles like Mortal Kombat or Grand Theft Auto . If you have played it for a few hours, you will also feel that the visual style carried by Sloclap actually displays many typical animations like kung fu movies. In addition to a subtle look, Sifu also offers a fairly rich coloring system.

5. Action martial arts game worth buying and playing

What do the authors like about this game called Sifu ? First, the game mechanics are intense and far from boring. Second, the unique visual style that has actually been able to perform optimally, especially the animated pieces that make it even more exciting. Then, the system of martial techniques was made like the original. This is because the developer involved a real martial arts choreographer named Benjamin Colussi.

However, there is another crucial thing that I think will be a stumbling block for gamers, namely the placement of the camera’s point of view which is sometimes very annoying. Several times, the author had a hard time fighting because the camera’s point of view didn’t quite fit. Unfortunately, we can’t change this shooting position because the status is already the default from the developer.