Review Series 2022 ‘One of Us is Lying’ This Top Series


As long as we’re forced to live side by side in a hell called high school, I’ll unpack the facts about you, you pathetic bastards,” – Simon.

One killer, four suspects. Everyone claims they have nothing to do with the tragic events at Bayview High that are taking place, but the evidence suggests otherwise, and puts a group of young people on a school homicide investigation.

An interesting premise of the latest Netflix teen mystery drama series entitled ‘One of Us is Lying’ which was adapted from a 2017 New York Times best seller novel by Karen M. McMannus of the same title.

Sinopsis ‘One of Us is Lying’
‘One Of Us Is Lying’ follows the story of five Bayview High High School students who are punished in a room together, namely Bronwyn (Marianly Tejada) an outstanding student who will apply to Yale, Addy (Annalisa Cochrane) a beautiful girl member of the popular Cheerleader, Cooper. (Chibuikem Uche) a baseball athlete with a promising career, Nate (Cooper van Grootel) a drug dealer delinquent, and Simon (Mark McKenna), an outcast who likes to spread gossip at school.

Of the five students who walked into the punishment room, only four of them came out alive because one of the five students suspiciously died. In a perfect way, each member of the group has a motive and a chance to be the culprit in the murder.

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A dramatic quest to find the mastermind behind the murders begins. What really happened in that room? and as the title suggests, one of them had lied about what had happened.

The story of a mysterious death in a promising school
Based on the premise, of course we have often found it in several films or other series from time to time. Call it ‘Death on The Nile’ , an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic novel which recently appeared in Indonesian cinemas, and other films that carry the Whodunit genre with a twist at the end of the story.

However, ‘One of Us is Lying’ offers a fresh drama story by adapting a best-selling novel that offers a teenage murder mystery story and is sure to attract the attention of the audience. However, fans of the original novel who have been waiting for this adaptation have some complaints about the series.

If you haven’t read the book, ‘One of Us Is Lying’ is an interesting series to watch. If so, this series is still worth watching but certainly not close to the captivating reading that Karen M. McManus offers in her novel.

Overall, the story itself remains true to the book, but many interesting details are omitted and there are some minor changes to the story. Even so, the series provides clues and offers an explanation of how the four suspects ended up in a punishment room that is not described in the book.

The story is told a bit slow at first, then the series takes us to explore a lot of things that happen in the story. In an attempt to prove their innocence, each other’s personal secrets slowly surface.

With the stereotypes of the main characters that are not what they seem, the issues and background of the characters that are told in each episode will make us guess who the killer is, and what has happened behind the incident.

What’s interesting about ‘One of Us is Lying’ is that the series was created by Spanish co-creator Dario Madrona as producer and screenwriter of the ‘Elite’ series, so it’s not surprising that the plot of this series has a similar aura to his series.

Interesting characters like American teenagers
The characters in the story are very interesting and unpredictable. The stories of high school teens are properly portrayed by teenagers who are often found without exaggeration.

Cooper who bears his father’s hopes of becoming an athlete, Nate who is labeled as a problem child but basically kind, Bronwyn an outstanding girl who turns out to be a cheat on a test, and the love story of Addy, a girl who is trapped in the clutches of her possessive boyfriend.

It’s great to see the personalities of the central characters as they are forced to work together. At first, they are suspicious of each other, but as time goes on, we see sides of friendship, empathy, and understanding that they previously kept hidden.