Review serial Only Murders in the Building


1. Presenting mystery stories packaged in a light and fun way

The story of this series focuses on Charles Haden-Savage, Oliver Putnam, and Mabel Mora who each live in a different unit within the Arconia apartment. One day, the three find out that one of their neighbors was killed in their apartment unit. As listeners to the same mystery podcast , the trio team up to unravel the murder mystery.

However, they not only solved the murders, but also documented them through a podcast entitled “Only Murders in the Building”. Throughout the first season, we’ll get to see the trio solve the Tim Kono murder case by tracing a number of other neighbors.

As a mystery series, Only Murders in the Building manages to provide a light and fun story. You see, the trio of murder case solvers in this series are amateurs who only like listening to mystery podcasts . So, you will be able to see the funny and knowing actions of the main characters in solving the murder case.

2. The chemistry of the trio of main characters that makes you envious

This series has three main characters who have unique and quite contradictory backgrounds. The figure of Charles Haden-Savage (Steve Martin) is an actor whose career is now dead. Then, there is Oliver Putnam (Martin Short), a Broadway director who is no longer selling well. Finally, there is Mabel Mora ( Selena Gomez ), the youngest member of the trio who has a relationship with the murder victim.

Despite their different backgrounds, their relationship is very close and can make us jealous while watching. Moreover, after we realized that the three of them were just neighbors who only knew each other after there was a murder in their apartment. They trust each other and also always protect each other whenever they get into trouble.

In addition, the age difference that is quite far between Mabel and Charles and Oliver is also a touch that is quite unique from this series. Because, we will be able to see interactions between two different generations which sometimes give birth to very funny moments. The cast of each character are also very instrumental in bringing unique and enviable chemistry to the series.

3. Entertaining through short episodes

Watching mystery series is certainly exhausting, because we think about solving all the cases in it. The longer the episode, the more tired we can be because it takes longer to think. However, that will not happen when you watch this series.

Because, apart from having a light and fun mystery story, this series also has a fairly short episode duration . Each episode is only about 30 minutes long and in the first season there were only 10 episodes. Of course, this series is suitable for those of you who need entertainment with not much free time.

4. Full of amazing plot twists

As a mystery series, it is certainly not surprising that there will be many plot twists in the Only Murders in the Building series . Throughout the series, you will join the trio of main characters in guessing who is the real killer. However, this will not be easy for you to do while watching this series.

This is because anyone in this series can be the killer, even the main characters. You will even be amazed when you see a number of plot twists related to the murder case.

5. Full of episodes with interesting concepts

This series almost always has an interesting concept in presenting the story in each episode. One of the most memorable for  was the seventh episode. In the episode, the main point of view is not on the trio of main characters, but on a character who is deaf .

So, throughout the episode we can only see and can’t hear anything. Most of the communication process in this episode takes place using sign language or whispering which we can only know what it means through subtitles . However, this seventh episode is just one example of many episodes with unique concepts in the series.