Review serial Ms Marvel episode 2


Kamala’s power that doesn’t come from the bracelet

In the early part of the second episode, Kamala is seen training to use her powers with help from Bruno Carrelli. In addition to helping Kamala, Bruno also conducts an analysis of the girl’s body when using a super power which he thinks comes from the bracelet. As a result, Bruno finds quite interesting facts about Kamala’s power.

This is because the source of Kamala’s strength does not come from the bracelet inherited from her family, but comes from within her body. Bruno says that the bracelet only unlocks Kamala’s potential power. So, actually Kamala already had powers before wearing her family bracelet, but only started using her powers after wearing the bracelet.

If you refer to the comic version, Kamala is part of the Inhumans, a superhuman race in the Marvel universe. Given that Doctor Strange 2 already has Black Bolt who is the king of the Inhumans, it is possible that Kamala will also be part of the race in the later series.

The mystery of Kamala’s great-grandmother

The bracelet that Kamala used turned out to be Kamala Khan’s great-grandmother, Aisha. However, based on the story of her father Kamala, Aisha mysteriously disappeared decades ago. Kamala’s mother’s family, who is related by blood with Aisha, never considered her to be there anymore because she disappeared mysteriously and was considered a shame for the family.

Kamala’s mother always avoids conversation when it comes to Aisha or the bracelet. It could be, the reason Kamala can have power is also related to Aisha as the owner of the bracelet. In addition, it is also possible that Kamala’s great-grandmother is still alive because of her mysterious existence.

Damage Control using Stark Industries drone

Towards the end of the episode, Kamala fails when trying to save a boy who fell from the minaret of a mosque. After that, Kamala fled for fear of being blamed by the residents who were at the location. However, not long after, there was actually a drone chasing Kamala who was still wearing her Captain Marvel costume.

The drone belongs to Damage Control, which in the first episode was seen to have targeted Kamala due to rioting at Avengers Con. Interestingly, Damage Control uses a drone made by Stark Industries. Just a reminder, this drone is the same drone that Mysterio used in Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019).

This indicates that Damage Control has the right to use the tools or weapons they have confiscated in a particular case. It is also possible that in the future the Stark Industries drone will again cause conflict in the Ms Marvel series like in Far from Home .

Kamran and his mysterious mother

Kamala finally managed to survive the pursuit of Damage Control and the Stark Industries drone thanks to Kamran’s help. For your information, Kamran is a guy that Kamala likes and also just appeared in this second episode. However, Kamran was not alone when he saved Kamala, because in his car there was also his mother.

In the comics, Kamran is an agent of a group of evil Inhumans who try to get Kamala to become a member. Kamran only uses Kamala who likes him to join the group.

It could be, in the series Kamran also wants the same thing and becomes the villain of the series . Then, Kamran’s mother is most likely the leader of the mysterious group. Moreover, Kamran’s mother also briefly appeared in Kamala’s vision when her strength was out of control.