[Review] Rail Wars! Anime Cars That Are Not About Cars


Maybe not too many can stand watching this anime, or indeed many of my friends can’t stand watching this anime and stop in the middle of the road. But curiosity about this anime often makes me survive with all the shortcomings.

I feel there is a slight discrepancy between the synopsis written on the site and the anime I watched. Because I have never seen an extremist group called “RJ” have any plans to monopolize JNR. Besides, Sakurai wasn’t a troublemaker, and she certainly wasn’t a freak either. Maybe you can read this through the light novel.

Before going into the review, maybe I’d better describe the interesting points of this anime.

The character designs are good and interesting, although I can’t say the same about the adam designs.
The backgrounds are detailed and very well colored.
This anime is not stingy when it comes to describing the trains and explaining the differences, as well as the specifications of each train well.
The storyline is not as clear as the railroad tracks

Rail Wars! is an anime with a series of short stories that are often unrelated from one story to another. Because of that I don’t think there is a meaningful plot that you can enjoy in this anime. Except for the small arcs, which only amount to 2 to 3 episodes, you think it’s very interesting. All of the stories offered have a uniform pattern:

Almost all episodes follow the pattern of the scenario above, even in the arc that continues like that. In general, Sakurai and Iwaizumi play the villain conqueror. Haruka is the brain that does all the planning and calculations in the group. Takayama is a human who always panics by himself. Takayama actually wanted to become a machinist, but until the end, his dream either came true or it depended, who knows.

Minimal or no character development

The impact of the unavailability of an adequate story means that there is no significant character development. Rail Wars! really want to show Takayama’s character development, so that he can evolve from a beta male to an alpha male.

Until he told about his intensive but ineffective training with Sakurai, because until the end Takayama was still like a vegetable. It’s always Sakurai who catches the criminals, never once have I seen Takayama try to use his training results to fight ( except when he remembers Sakurai’s words that men must be strong ), even when a taser gun was pointed at him.

When there is character development in Rail Wars! perhaps is the development of the character’s feelings towards Takayama. All female characters seem to always be attracted to Takayama, without exception. Iwaizumi, the supporting male character, doesn’t develop at all, until the end he is a powerhouse who is not interested in women, and only exists as a comic relief who only loves food.

Where does the budget run?

While watching Rail Wars!, you may find some oddities that often appear in unexpected places. Starting from the mouth movements that sometimes don’t match the character’s voice, the animation quality suddenly decreases to the worst, the animators forget to draw. This raises the question, where does this anime budget flow?

The answer to this question is not too far off, this anime’s budget flows into two things. The first, of course, to the CG trains and stations, because as far as Rail Wars! is, they still have to be responsible for the name of the anime.

Second, of course the Rail Wars budget! flows into all kinds of fanservice offered in this anime. You’ll find qualities that suddenly detail when the female characters are short on thread, but find that quality drops as they speak. It seems that the purpose of this anime is more to show their expertise in illustrating the anatomy of the female body.


Rail Wars! At first I thought as a very niche anime, this anime might be aimed at Densha otaku and not for normal otaku consumption. However, the fanservice decoration in this anime changed my perception of this anime. Rail Wars! quickly became an anime that attracted its audience, especially the Adams. I’m not even sure if the densha otaku take this anime seriously, because the portion between trains, fanservice and Takayama panic seems the same, even often, the train portion loses.

Then why am I watching Rail Wars!? Honestly, I watched it for Sakurai and his friends, because apart from the story being scattered in all directions and the lack of meaningful character development, I don’t think there is any other attraction that keeps me waiting for this anime every week.

If you’re looking for an anime with a serious train story, I wouldn’t recommend Rail Wars! But if you are interested in their character designs, why not? It’s just that I will pray that you can bear with Takayama’s behavior.