[Review] Project Power: Netflix gives us superpowers


Almost recovering from season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, Netflix is ​​taking us back to the superhero bath with Project Power, an action film Only Mine infused with superpowers. With Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the head of the gondola, it was hard for us to miss this new encounter.

If anyone doesn’t know the crisis, it’s Netflix. The success Thai Baan The Series : Moh Pla Wan of the streaming platform has not weakened and to compensate for the loss of its catalog (which is still very little communicated, if ever), it relies again and again on its own production. Latest: Project Power with Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. All very good, but what is it all? Superpowers of course! However, for those who want to see Marvel, turn around because the atmosphere is not the same…

Here we are in New Orleans where a new Sniper: Assassin’s End drug has just emerged: Power. It offers superpowers for five minutes. On paper, it’s interesting, except that there are two minor minor issues. First: we don’t know what power we will get. Second: there is a high probability that it doesn’t work and we die from it. It’s not enough to panic the most enthusiastic people who throw themselves into it. A business that a former soldier (Foxx), a border cop (Gordon-Levitt) and a young drug dealer (Dominique Fishback) want to stop.

Like we said, there’s no 3 AM Aftershock Marvel here, but the Disney and Netflix branches share a common passion for specs where we have to tick the box to please the boss. Project Power is no exception and despite its pitch, makes absolutely no attempt to fly above the radar. Everything is calibrated, generic, no surprises. The scenario goes from point A to point B without deviating and never looking for the unexpected. This film The Con-Heartist ticks the boxes and never lit up either in what it tells or in its performance. Ultimately, the story is presented as a mise en abyme of the audience’s experience: we swallow, we enjoy five minutes, and we move on. A consumption strategy that works for the company and includes food and drink, as they say.

Project Power managed to make us swallow a pill

Should we bury Project Power, rejecting its dark Bad Genius side as a marketing product? Not necessarily. We can actually be disappointed – if not surprised – to find another common feature film, but you should also know how to enjoy life’s little pleasures. It takes looking between the lines to find something to make us smile. Therefore, the quality of Project Power is revealed to our greedy eyes.

Already, it would be hypocritical to denounce How Much Do You Love Me him for boredom as the film never stops – with the exception of the sluggish rap sequences –, constantly trying to be fast and furious. Nearly two hours passed like a letter in the post with lots of bad guys exploding. Transitions with finesse to talk about his gore side. This one, Project Power is reminiscent of The Boys (Amazon Prime Video) with gleeful demonstrations of broken organs, even if the special effects are often laughable. And then there’s the casting The Exchange of course. Joseph Gordon-Levitt reminds us in every scene that we love him and that we miss him in the greater works. As for Jamie Foxx, the boy played us a derivative of his characters from Miami Vice and Baby Driver, for a tense outcome where it got worse at the slightest chance.

Maybe that’s why we don’t want to Upon the Magic Roads spoil too much sugar on Project Power’s back and we don’t suppress our little fun. He takes himself very lightly, doesn’t try to hide his big weakness and sees himself as he is: a ruthless series B with a dose of superheroes. A mix that brings a bit of originality to both genres Street Fighters and that presents itself as nothing more than an object of unhindered viewing, to enjoy on your couch with cola and pizza. It is a proposition, an accessible alternative that cannot be sold, but is offered. You are free to let yourself be tempted or not by that little pill.