[Review] Principle: Christopher Nolan hands James Bond to shakers


This is without a doubt the most anticipated film Squid Game of the summer. While blockbusters have left French theaters, Tenet is present as a messiah to exhibitors around the world. Christopher Nolan’s new film sounds like the return of his first love, after Dunkirk and its less convoluted plot. But did Tenet keep his promise? The review is guaranteed without spoilers.

Three years after Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan returns Host to his first love. The filmmaker gave pride of place to his imagination and this time will rely on physics to lead the plot. Nolan once again builds his story around the same principles. If Inception questions the idea of ​​reality – with a dream within a dream – the principle interferes with the concept of linear temporality. The film follows a protagonist, who will never be named, who must prevent the third world war. His mission will take him to a dimension beyond reality, where time is reversed. From the first minute, Nolan introduces Megan Is Missing the central axis of his plot and cuts all his cards during the dialogue between the characters played by Clémence Poésy and John David Washington.

Out of control, this introduction Les Chemins de la dignité left the audience on the floor. But sadly, we enjoyed following this clueless introduction and we admired the director’s ability to weave the web of his plot. Nolan is a past master in the art of screenplay puzzles and that’s why we bought cinema tickets. Surprisingly though, if the film undoubtedly requires a second watch to fully understand all the issues, some of the details in the end are pretty predictable. The conclusions that came after 2 hours 31 seemed all drawn and left a bitter taste. The seemingly complex plot construction ultimately hides a vibrant appreciation for a very particular genre.

Shaker or spoon?
It’s hard not to see Christopher Nolan’s inspiration for Tenet. We follow Suicid Squad 2 a central figure in the world of international espionage who is about to crush the antagonist Russia. you have it? Tenet is inspired by the most famous spy movies, even going so far as to directly involve MI6 in the plot. The entire James Bond recipe went to shuffler Nolan, who used genre codes to recreate it his own way. However, he didn’t manage Mourir peut attendre to get rid of it and offered a fun return visit like a cocktail, no doubt a vodka martini, to which we’d only add a few ingredients.

The homage to spy movies Ron débloque is glaring, but Nolan fails to deliver a compelling replay. We find genre cliches, especially around the character Elizabeth Debicki. An obvious reference to the James Bond Girls, she is simply depicted as a girl in distress who will be entitled to a brief redemption in the finale. If Christopher Nolan has introduced us to strong female characters, like Ellen Page in Inception or Anne Hathaway in Interstellar, there’s a tick missing. She is also Guide astrologique des cœurs brisés the only significant female character in this male-dominated universe. Wanting to pay too much homage, Nolan forgot the important thing: deconstructing the pattern to make it fit better. After all, directors often use these heroes to put them in action service, and Tenet is no different. The director operates like a puppeteer and prefers to focus his attention on the actual main character of the film: time.

My name is nobody
With Tenet, Christopher Nolan made a bold bet: never to name a character. Around him, however, developed a variety of protagonists such as that played by Robert Pattinson.. After the beginning Harry Potter 3 of a career in teenage romance, the actor has abandoned blockbusters in favor of more discreet cinema. He’s slowly getting back into big production and seems to have upped his game for the occasion. The actor proved once again that he can play anything and shows impeccable accuracy in his interpretations. Faced with John David Washington, who fulfills his mission as the main protagonist with ease, we find Kenneth Branagh who has not lost his splendor. If he embodies the villain archetype “Bondien”, the actor delivers the most stunning performance. However, they are not helped by the rather sluggish and overly didactic dialogue.

Despite some of its flaws, Tenet is ultimately a summary of what Nolan does best. Thanks to his witty and daring editing, he plunges us into the heart of his story and makes Equilibrium and makes his film brilliantly. The bullet holes disappeared under the astonished eyes of onlookers who happily took advantage of this visual foam. Christopher Nolan who often has difficulty directing his actions, mtake advantage of the plot to innovate in its production. The choreography is impeccable and in service of the action the director is so immortalized. Because finally Tenet is all about it: a bombastic and highly effective show that offers a good dose of adrenaline and explosions. The only thing missing was music expert Hans Zimmer, who gave way to Ludwig Goransson. Yet brilliant in The Mandalorian soundtrack, the composer delivers a deafening performance that won’t mark the spirit as German musicians can. His work on the introduction was excellent but quickly found himself carried away by actions he would no longer underline in the same way. We’ll also see that Nolan goes so far as to tarnish Travis Scott for an original song, as in the tradition of the James Bond films.