[Review] Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu


In every season of anime , there are definitely people who are busy and there are those who are underrated . This time, JOI will discuss one of the winter 2020 anime . The anime that will be discussed this time is quite underrated , entitled Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu .

Oshibudo (the abbreviation given to this series) is an 8bit studio -made anime that airs from January 10 to March 27. This anime is an adaptation of the manga Hirao Auri published by Comic Ryu since June 2015.

Even though it’s underrated , it doesn’t mean this anime is stale. This anime actually has elements that are not shared by idol -themed anime in general. This will be the discussion of my review this time.

We Got Unique View From Idol Genre Here

Oshibudo arguably has a uniqueness that is its own trademark. Most idol -themed anime usually focus on how the conflicts between idols are, how the industry runs behind the scenes, and the like. Here Oshibudo managed to surprise me starting watching it in the middle of the season. Yes, this is the phase where you throw away some anime titles that don’t suit your taste and pick up titles that can make a splash instead of based on their covers.

Oshibudo focuses on Eripiyo, a fan of the idol group ChamJam . Eripiyo really idolizes one of his members named Maina , who is an idol with the fewest fans. Eripiyo’s efforts are not nuts. He is willing to work hard to fulfill his desire to support idols, so that he only wears sports clothes that he can wear everyday. Accompanying Eripiyo are two other wota named Kumasa and Motoi .

Of course, this is a unique point that this anime has. I’ve never seen a series that discusses the wota side ( if there is, please let me know ). The depiction of wota is also frank, not very cute. Kumasa is described as a fat man, Eripiyo is a woman who is fanatical in supporting Maina, Motoi is a clumsy man.

The picture that I saw the first time ( because I’m not a wota ) made me a little speechless to discuss the depth of the anime . At least through this anime I see ethics in supporting idols and the way idols look at their fans. These two subjects complement each other in a relationship that cannot run alone. This is the side of the idol world that we need to see.

Talking about ethics, this is what fascinates me. Even Eripiyo, who is so maniacal, can tell himself that in a handshake event there is a time limit that must be respected, or a conversation that is still within the rules of fairness between idols and fans. The transfer of feelings from fans to idols and vice versa is felt without behaviorbarbarwhich can damage the image of the idol .

Hear The Ai Fairouz’s Glorious Voice

Being the second main plus point is from the side of the seiyuu . Ai Fairouz again got the main cast for an anime after his debut as Hibiki in the Dumbell Nan Kilo Moteru anime . The voice of the seiyuu who are not 100 percent nihonjin can make me more amazed. I can say, the best seiyuu of winter fell to him. No wonder he also received the rookie of the year award in 2019 yesterday with his stunning voice range.

Playing Eripiyo who is a maniac Maina fan, making him have to scream and damage his own throat ( this really happened in the anime: Eripiyo damaged his throat until it was difficult to speak ). From the ridiculous screams, the changing style of speech, to her struggling voice, Ai can play it perfectly.

Plus Ai Fairouz also sings the ending song very well. His smooth voice makes this idol anime manage to get high marks in terms of audio for me. The opening song sung by ChamJam can also compensate, giving the listener a ‘flying above soft cloud’ effect for the listeners. This is not surprising considering that Aketagawa Jin ( Toaru Series , Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso , Re:Creators , Gochiusa , and many others ) is the sound director for this anime .

The shortcomings of this anime may only be in the visual aspect. All of the members at ChamJam at first glance look almost the same, feel only different from the hair and eye color. The rest, other aspects in this anime have been presented very well.

This anime continues to broadcast what the title means consistently. While it hasn’t made it to Budoukan yet , the anime got a warm closing. Sequels may be tough on underdogs like Oshibudo , but it’s worth hoping for one of these highly entertaining anime .

This anime has succeeded in conjuring the perception of the idol world with its uniqueness. Anime idol who is not an idol , a strange but appropriate nickname for this anime . Oshibudo is really worth watching for almost all people, especially those who like light and unique anti- mainstream stories . Thanks to Oshibudo for making me realize how beautiful the salmon pink color is.