Review of the series Moon Knight episode 2


In one of the scenes, Steven Grant visits Marc Spector’s special storage room. In the room, Steven finds a number of items that are equipment from Marc, such as a gun, spare passport, some cash, and a scarab from the first episode. After that, Steven immediately concluded that the other personality was an assassin or a mercenary.

Marc Spector’s background fits perfectly with the comic version, which is a former mercenary. In addition, in this episode Marc also briefly said that he was involved in an agreement with Khonshu although he did not explain further. However, if you refer to the comics, the agreement is that Khonshu saves Marc’s life on condition that he becomes the avatar of the God.

However, there is one background of Marc Spector in this episode that is slightly different from the comic version, namely the presence of Layla as his wife. Because, in the comic version, Marc doesn’t have a wife at all. Indeed, there was once a figure of Marlene Alraune who became his love interest, but she is the wife of Marc’s other personality, namely Jack Lockley.

After successfully kidnapping Steven Grant, Arthur Harrow had time to talk about many things with the main character. However, the conversation that attracted the most attention was when Harrow said that he was a former Khonshu avatar. So, it’s not surprising that Harrow knew about Khonshu’s presence in Steven’s body since the first episode.

Unfortunately, Harrow didn’t explain in more detail how they originally became the avatars of Khonshu or what made them split up and become enemies. Even so, Harrow’s background as a former Khonshu avatar is very different from the comic version.

Because, in the comic version Arthur Harrow is just a mad scientist who conducts sadistic experiments on humans to cure his illness. So, Harrow has absolutely no connection with Khonshu in the comic version.

Enraged that Steven Grant did not want to give him the scarab, Arthur Harrow finally summoned the Jackal again to attack the main character. This makes Steven and Layla now have to run away from the pursuit of the Ancient Egyptian entity. While running away, Layla, Khonshu, and also Marc Spector also asked Steven to use the Moon Knight armor.

However, it turns out that Steven Grant’s changes are not tangible like Marc Spector’s Moon Knight armor as it was at the end of the first episode. Because, Steven actually turned into the figure of Mr. Knight who looks neat in a white suit. Even so, Steven still has extraordinary endurance as Mr. Knight although a bit confused to use it.

This indicates that Steven can also use Khonshu’s powers, but in a different form. In addition, the identity of Mr. Knight also seems to be a stark contrast to the much more brutal Moon Knight, like Steven and Marc. This can be seen from their fighting style and the weapons that both of them can use in that form.

At the end of the episode, Marc and Spector lose their scarabs. Now, the scarab is in the hands of Arthur Harrow who will use it to find the tomb of Ammit in order to resurrect the Egyptian Goddess. This makes Khonshu angry with Marc for seeing Ammit’s resurrection as a disaster for him.

Khonshu then threatens Marc that he will make Layla his new avatar if Marc fails to stop Harrow’s plans. Marc certainly didn’t like Khonshu’s plan because it would endanger his wife. It seemed that Khonshu had been eyeing Layla for a long time if Marc, who was now his avatar, couldn’t work with him anymore.

However, there must be a special reason why Khonshu specifically targeted Layla to be his new avatar. Because, it seems impossible that Khonshu said he wanted to make Layla his avatar just to motivate Marc to do things better. This will most likely be revealed in the next few episodes.