Review of the series Moon Knight episode 1 2022


This series continues to highlight one of the characteristics of Moon Knight, which in the comic version, is that they both have dissociative personality disorder. This makes Moon Knight have multiple personalities or even more, like Marc Spector and Steven Grant. The difference is that in the comic version, Marc Spector is the dominant personality, while in the series it is Steven Grant.

Well, the true identity of Moon Knight is still Marc Spector, but throughout the first episode Steven Grant is much more in control of Marc’s body and mind. Apart from that, another big difference is the background of Steven Grant. You see, in the comic version, Steven is a billionaire, while in this series he only works as a museum gift shop keeper.

However, despite some differences between the series and the comics, Oscar Isaac’s performance as Steven and Marc certainly deserves praise. Moreover, the figure of Steven in the series is a person from England so he has a British accent. Meanwhile, Isaac talks more often with the United States’ access to real life like Marc Spector.

When Steven Grant is in his subconscious, Marc Spector seems to take an artifact in the form of an Ancient Egyptian scarab from the sect led by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). This is what makes Steven or Marc the target of Arthur Harrow and his followers. However, it has not been revealed what Harrow’s purpose for the scarab is.

If referring to Harrow’s conversation with Steven towards the end of the episode, the scarab is most likely useful for resurrecting Ammit who is the Goddess of Ancient Egypt. This is because Harrow had discussed that there would be many world tragedies that could have been prevented had Ammit still alive. In addition, Harrow also seems to be a worshiper of Ammit.

The new Moon Knight figure is really seen at the ending of the first episode. The form only appeared after Marc Spector begged Steven Grant to give him complete control over their bodies.

This seems to indicate that the only personality or identity that can use this form is Marc Spector. Because, Khonshu as the God of Ancient Egypt who gave Moon Knight’s power also several times told Steven to let Marc take over. It could be that this happened because the person who made the agreement with Khonshu was Marc, not Steven.

However, another possibility is that Steven really doesn’t understand how to use the Moon Knight form. This is because throughout the first episode Steven does seem like an innocent person who doesn’t know anything about other personality matters.

We have to admit, Moon Knight has a much more different concept than a number of previous MCU series. Marvel Studios even dares to claim that the series is the most brutal MCU project so far. We can already see this brutality in several moments in the first episode of the series which features quite a lot of blood.

Unfortunately, the brutal nuance is rather bear. This is because the bloody moment only appeared when Steven Grant woke up and saw that his enemy had been killed by Marc Spector. If Marc’s brutality when beating his enemy is also seen, of course, the title of Moon Knight as the most brutal MCU series is no longer in doubt.