Review of The Batman: Sherlock Holmes in Superhero Costume


The Batman film shows another side of the Caped Crusader in fighting crime in Gotham City. With dark, dark, and gloomy tones, the impression of horror is immediately felt at the beginning of this film. At first glance, The Batman is not like a superhero movie in general. People can think that this film is a horror film. However, it fits the time setting of this film, which is Halloween. As a vigilante who has only been operating for 2 years, Batman (Robert Pattinson) doesn’t take much longer to become a legend. In a fairly short time, the Caped Crusader has become a legend in Gotham. His name was already feared enough, at least by petty criminals, and also hated by most of the police. However, in the midst of the heated political situation in Gotham City ahead of the mayoral election, Batman gets his biggest case. A series of assassinations targeting important people in the city took place. The culprit is a mysterious criminal who uses the code name Riddler (Paul Dano).

In every action, Riddler always leaves a greeting card for Batman. The cards contain puzzles and codes that must be solved to reveal the serial murder case. Batman, with the help of Captain Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Serkis), and also Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz), also tries to uncover what is behind the puzzles and codes left by the Riddler. Without much help from advanced technology, such as super computers to track people and so on, Batman uses his brain intelligence. He also does work like an old school detective. He snoops, reads data and often goes to crime scenes to analyze conditions there for clues. However, Batman is not Spencer Reid.

He probably looked more like a costumed Sherlock Holmes who kept his identity a secret. Both have a bittersweet relationship with the police. Both of them will be called by the police who are desperate to solve a big case. The difference is, Sherlock is known to be arrogant, while Batman is better known for his fear-mongering reputation.

Although it prioritizes work as a detective, this does not mean that this film lacks interesting action. Batman is still Batman, who quells crime with spectacular action. Batman chase action in this film will likely make Dominic Toretto consider recruiting him. One of the highlights in this film is the Batman costume. The costumes used by Batman in this film are thought to have been used early, considering that he has only been operating for 2 years. However, this costume is no less sophisticated than Batman’s previous sophisticated costume. He keeps a lot of secret weapons in the costume to help with the action. This costume seems practical and holds a lot of abilities. If anyone asks why Batman has a cloak when he can’t fly, The Batman will answer that question.

Honestly, I’ve never really liked Batman movies, regardless of Bruce Wayne and the director. However, for the first time in my life, I was able to enjoy The Batman . Yes, the matter of movies is taste. One of the factors that attracted me to this film was its detective theme. As a true crime show lover , I like the way the director, Matt Reeves, makes The Batman have a plot like a series or mystery/detective film. The Batman focuses on this storyline on the main character in analyzing what happened, utilizing the network, and also looking for ways to solve the case. In addition, the lack of exploitation of criminals in this film, fits the trope in this filmtrue crime show . Well, fans of series like CSI , Criminal Minds or Law and Order might be able to understand this.