Review of Reign of the Superman, The Resurrection of the Man of Steel


Reign of the Superman is the latest Warner Bros. animated film series. Animation which has long been under the service of DC Universe.

This film is a continuation of the previous film, namely The Death of Superman and is one of the best offerings of the DC Universe so far.

Yep, this time Dafunda Movie has the opportunity to make a short review. Come see the review below.

Review or Review Reign of Superman

This is a review of Reign of Superman or a review of Reign of Superman according to the author’s experience watching the film.

Reign of the Superman Graphics (80/100)

Reign of Superman was already planned for a sequel to The Death of Superman last year.

As with other DC Universe animated films, Reign of the Superman has pretty good graphics for an animated film.

Reign of the Superman Storyline (85/100)
Based on the best-selling comic book storyline that catapulted the title Superman in the ’90s, The Death of Superman and Reign of the Superman are perfect for the recently launched DC Universe app.

Reign of the Superman is a different film from The Death of Superman for several reasons. One of them is in Death of Superman, they respect and follow most of the stories in the comics.

Besides that, Superman’s death also wants to make a difference and give fans the true story of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice version. Most of these Superman death stories are based on comics that actually followed.

Reign of the Superman takes a lot more liberties, and feels like most other adaptations of the DC Universe animated features.

Reign of Superman Characters (80/100)

There are so many characters in this film. Since the beginning of the film, we can already see 4 new ‘Superman’ who come from different stories.

In addition, the Justice League is also seen in this film, although it does not have an important role.

Reign of Superman has some comedy playing Green Lantern (voiced by Nathan Fillion) and Superboy (voiced by Cameron Monaghan) to provide some humor. The humor also seems out of place in some DC movie scenes which are known to be quite ‘dark’.

Film Length (75/100)
The film is just under an hour and a half long, which means that two of the four Supermen (Steel and The Eradicator) get very little screen time.

In the case of Steel in particular, it was a poor choice as Cress Williams (Black Lightning) was inspired to be cast for the role.

At least if the comics were a special guide, we know that John Henry Irons will be the person we see the most in Justice League stories after Reign of the Superman ends.

The cuts made to John Henry Irons’ character detract from The Reign of the Superman’s biggest theme from the comics. He is Superman’s “soul” who is someone who doesn’t have all of Superman’s powers, but wants to fill the void left by the Man of Steel.

You could say he’s one of the best superheroes DC has had in the last 30 years. Simply put, he was very inspired by Superman and he wanted to help people, just as Superman did.

Steels look more like “Superman” than the others, even with all their powers. Even the four new “Supermen” aren’t enough to make up for what the world lost when the real Superman died.

Overall, the moments in the animated film Reign of the Superman feel better than those in Death of Superman. However, this film is a bit disappointing because we saw five “Supermen” and the presence of the Justice League.

It all comes down to a bit of comedy and not some awesome action. Jerry O’Connell’s Superman and Rebecca Romijn’s Lois Lane remain at the emotional core of Reign of Superman, as in The Death of Superman.

There were a few tweaks in the original story that made Reign of Superman a bit shabby, but most of them were made to serve an understandable purpose. Namely adapting the story into the existing continuity of the DC Universe animated films, and building sequels for subsequent films.

The film effectively has a lot of the moments that fans really want to see on the big screen. Although each of the Supermen had their own monthly comic strip during the story in the 90s.