Review of Me Chihiro: The New Life of an Old PSK

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“Call Me Chihiro” is the latest Japanese drama on Netflix from director Rikiya Imaizumi. The movie is based on the life manga “Chihirosan” by Hiroyuki Yasuda, who wrote the screenplay for this live-action adaptation. Kasumi Arimura stars as Chihiro, a friendly woman who works at a bento shop in a beach town.

Behind her sweet smile and kind attitude towards others, Chihiro herself is a lonely woman. Feeling alienated from her adopted family, she worked as a prostitute before becoming an employee at a bento shop. After trying to make other people’s lives a little better, can Chihiro fill the void within herself?

“Call Me Chihiro” is a seemingly serious life drama, but the whole movie is very calm. There is hardly any conflict that makes the audience emotional. A typical slow-moving story of life in a Japanese movie scene.

Call me Chihiro.

Brings happiness to others by following Chihiro’s daily life.
As a live-action drama of the manga, “Call Me Chihiro” is not burdened with plot. This is not a movie with a ‘beginning’ and ‘end’ like real life. At a random moment, he was invited to enter Chihiro’s life. At least we can identify what we’re witnessing after taking Chihiro’s transition point from prostitutes to her new job as a bento shop owner.

In addition to work, We will follow Chihiro’s daily interactions with the other characters. Both characters he’s known for a while, or people who’ve just come into his life. The owner of the shop, who is receiving treatment at the hospital. A homeless person who came to the city, It all started with a secret admirer of teenage Chihiro and his former boss when he worked as a prostitute. There isn’t too much conflict; You will see how Chihiro reacts to everything with a positive attitude and a preference for peace.

In this way, “Call Me Chihiro” is a drama that focuses more on the protagonist who has changed from the past. But there’s a new internal problem he’s trying to absorb. We are invited to see how even those with dark pasts can take control to achieve a better life.

Call me Chihiro.

Each character has personal issues, but they are not fully explored.
It takes a long time to understand the message that Chihiro’s character wants to convey. Simply put, this movie is about Chihiro’s new life and loneliness problem. It’s amazing that the audience isn’t allowed to look too far into the past to ultimately expand on the internal conflict Chihiro is currently facing. What was Chihiro’s childhood like? What about the times she was a prostitute before? There is also a story about a knife wound on his back. They tricked us and gave us no more information.

Not only Chihiro, Many of the supporting characters in the film also have their own struggles. Especially the story of Okaji (Hana Toyoshima), a teenager who becomes Chihiro’s stalker. Why does he respect Chihiro? What exactly is his internal conflict with his family? The end of Okaji’s story also lacks closure. I’m not sure if the way this story is told is what you want to adapt to. We understand the audience’s feelings, but their stories are not very exploitative.


a very slow step; Still dragging frames
“Call Me Chihiro” has a scene presentation with many fixed frames. You may have seen this kind of technique often in Japanese and Korean dramas. Like showing Chihiro walking on the beach for a few minutes without speaking. Or sitting in a graveyard, not knowing what he’s thinking. There are many scenes shot together with close-ups, which can focus on the presentation of the actor’s face.

But it shows that they are only doing mundane things. eating together reading manga Kind of like sitting quietly together. There seems to be a segment of the audience in the Japanese film scene for films like this. Because the panorama of the small town and the peaceful and melancholic atmosphere of this film are so artistic. The essence and message expressed in this film is very subtle. There seems to be a lot of Japanese movies that are executed like this. Without a strong narrator and dialogue. Major strength is charged only in acting and surface-level scenes.

Shame for a 2 hour drama “Call Me Chihiro” is boring at times. If there is a tight dialogue sceneEven the discussion is really interesting. For example, When Chihiro talks about loneliness and freedom or her views on love. Create an echo.r josei appearance, “Call Me Chihiro” can be a comfortable and reflective show in Japan.