Review of Legend of Zelda ‘Ocarina of Time’ : Game with the Highest Rating at this time


Do you know the order of the best games on the Web at the moment? If you type the highest rated game on the google search engine, you will definitely find Legend of Zelda in first place. Not the Breath of Wild one, but the Ocarina of Time series. Admin feels, as a player of this game, the admin agrees with giving this rating and is not making it up. So why is this game that is not well known in Indonesia to be the best in the world? Let’s discuss why!

1. Synopsis
At the beginning of the game you must be asked first the name / username that you will choose first. But in this case the Admin will choose the name Link as the Default name to tell the story of this Legend of Zelda. Tells the story of the chosen little knight Link from the Kokiri Forest. Where Link as a resident of Kokiri does not have fairies even though all the children in the forest have them and finally Link is given a special fairy who can interact with the name Navi from the elders of Deku Tree. Deku Tree is a Being who has existed in ancient times is an elder who gives a prophecy so that Link can save the world from darkness and save Princess Zelda. The adventures of Link and Navi begin to save the world.

2. Gameplay Mechanics
For a 1998 game on the Nintendo 64 platform, the gameplay is very charming with graphics that don’t make you lazy to play it. This game can certainly be categorized as the best game. plus the storyline that is stretched is very exciting and there are lots of mysteries that are spoiled by this game at the beginning. because in the game preview the first scene shows that Zelda will be kidnapped by Ganondorf, the last villain of this game. You can collect tons of Items that will help you overcome the Puzzles in each level of the game. although it seems less in the combo for the attack system. but with so many items you can play freely to complete this game.

3. Game Progress
The excitement of this game is not only from the mystery. but there is a time travel system. You can play Link when he grew up with darkness and you can also repeat it to Link’s childhood. things that no game developer thinks about, the time travel system of this game is made as accurately as possible according to the progress of the game that we are living. coupled with super large Boss monsters that can’t be defeated only with skill, you also have to think about the weaknesses of the boss.

4. Moment of Truth
At the end of this game you will defeat the super annoying King Gannondorf because apart from thinking you also have to use your skills such as avoiding attacks and your attack timing must also be right. You will also save Princess Zelda and return to the young State Link with a safe world without the darkness of Ganondorf. There are also interesting Easter eggs. You can find a number of masks from the sequel game, Majora Mask.


We can’t expect good graphics from this game. But in terms of story and gameplay, this game was developed very well because it has a back and forth plot and accurate time adventure to increase game progress. You can play this game as well as the remake on the 3DS with graphics that are less painful to the eyes. But if you want to play this game on Android, you can also use an emulator with a low size. Get ready to use your skills and thoughts to finish this game, guys!