[Review] ODDTAXI


ODDTAXI” is a good anime that doesn’t have weak episodes.
Seeing that I wrote a direct verdict and made a review at the end of the site’s activity, please see this as serious in my high opinion of this series.

Shown since April 6, 2021 yesterday and ended after 13 episodes. This is an original series that just happened to have the manga come before the anime , which was pitched since 2016. It’s funny how this series also has the premise of “high school students who disappear make a lot of things”.

The difference is that this anime is heavier in the thriller aspect. The majority of stories are also present via dialogue between the driver and his passengers in the Taxi. I’ll just disassemble it if the reason why the character is an animal is one of the main mysteries of the story. Hiroshi Odokawa as the protagonist of the story is aware that this is not normal and this condition is also important to follow the mystery.

The existing design does make this series look like a fable, but its sharp dialogue and focus on modern social ills make it my favorite series this spring 2021. Basically Odokawa is also the protagonist because he’s too bad that his taxi is the main connection of the characters involved with the main mystery: the disappearance of a high school student and the 1 billion yen robbery. This series is also successful in describing the mindset of someone who has a destructive addiction, which is represented by 2 millennial characters who are quite painful to watch their journey during the broadcast.

Sorry if I didn’t elaborate much on the story, seeing as each episode has a different focus on characters, each of which has their own interesting subplot. Please believe me that every episode is better watched as fresh as possible.

It’s funny how Natsuki Hanae, who incidentally is a subscriber to the shounen protagonist, was cast as the walrus fathers who became the protagonists of this series. This is not a criticism, seeing as he also gets good dialogue material. It is also important as the main narrator his voice is pleasant to hear. As for the casting , I’m actually quite happy with the casting decision to choose non- anime characters for some characters.

I see this uniqueness as the effect of the central staff who actually debuted as anime staff for this project. Baku Kinoshita (director) and Kazuya Konomoto (script) who worked on the entire season have no other credits on the anime project and I really look forward to both of them coming back to do similar projects.

Actually, at the same time as the anime airing, there is an Audio Drama which gives more context to the characters. For those of you who have watched it but are confused by the ending scene, you just need to know that the strange pen at the end is a recording device and every episode of the drama plays a recorded audio file. I also started to pay attention to the drama after seeing the ending , which was really desperate to show scenes like that for a story that had little chance of continuing .

ODDTAXI is an anime that I’m pessimistic about will be made again considering the background of the production and the concept of the story. A successful experiment from a new staff who have their own taste in producing anime. I’m just glad that at the end of this JOI activity, I was impressed enough by a series that I rushed to write a review.

In closing, let’s take a look at one of the best openings of spring. Which is always a good sign that the theme song has the same title as the series, It shows the confidence the musicians have with the project.