Review: Nobody Film (2021) Presents Plot Ala The Equalizer & John Wick


If you’re in the mood for a violent action film like The Equalizer or John Wick , Nobody (2021) might be an option. Well, actually it’s not only the action scenes that are similar, the storyline can also be said to be similar.

Nobody is a 2021 film directed by Ilya Naishuller. The cast for Nobody includes: Bob Odenkirk ( Breaking Bad , Better Call Saul , Little Women , The Post ), Connie Nielsen, Aleksei Serebryakov, RZA, Michael Ironside, Colin Salmon, and Christopher Lloyd ( Back To The Future ). Another character in Nobody that caught the eye was Humberly González who was sexy but unfortunately only appeared briefly. ?

Maybe if you look at the name of the director and the cast, you can be less sure about the quality of this film. However, do not misunderstand first. This film is above average. At least it can provide fun entertainment.

Nobody Movie Story
As I mentioned above, this Nobody movie has an action and storyline similar to The Equalizer and John Wick . I guarantee after a few minutes of watching, you too will feel it.

In this film we follow the story of Hutch Mansell. A man who at the beginning of the film is described as an ordinary employee with a boring routine. He is even underestimated by his children and neighbors when he doesn’t fight back when their house is robbed. Hutch then took the extreme step of finding the robber (one of whom was Humberly González) and solved the problem.

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At this point we can already read that Hutch is not a random person. However, the level of the game increases when on the way home Hutch meets a group of Russians on the bus he was riding (you can imagine, right?). Long story short, Hutch is in conflict with a Russian gang, led by the brutal Yulian Kuznetsov.

So you can see, this film has a similar pattern to the two films I mentioned above. People who look ordinary then get involved in a war with the big mafia. Even this ordinary character has the same past as someone who is an expert in his field (well, fighting).

Different Main Character Approach
But there are different details that are quite interesting in this film. Especially on the characteristics of the main character, Hutch Mansell.

In The Equalizer , the character Robert MacCall returns to action because he wants to help those in trouble. While John Wick, well, plunged back into the dark world for revenge and was again trapped in the circle of the underworld.

Meanwhile, in Nobody , Hutch decided to retire from his old profession because he wanted to live a normal life. But it turns out his subconscious against it. That’s why he was depressed in his normal life and exploded after the robbery incident.

When Hutch burns Yulian’s vault and proposes peace, he hopes that peace doesn’t happen. The depiction is quite unique.

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Even his father (Christopher Lloyd), who lives in a nursing home, does the same. With a little interesting twist , we see the father, who was nodding in front of the TV, becomes a hero who is no less brutal (though not too much).

Then the other side of the characterization that is no less interesting is that Hutch Mansell is described as not very good at it. Well, not as precise as Robert MacCall or with John Wick’s Gun-fu . He still looks like a person who has passed his prime. He was hit, stabbed, and also looked tired. Well, so it feels more natural anyway.

Rhythm is more like drama
Although some scenes can make us immediately think of John Wick , in terms of plot rhythm, this film is more like The Equalizer .

The plot of the three- act film Nobody does resemble the two films. But the first act, which introduces the characters and problems, is quite slow. The second and third half were not as tense as John Wick.

On the other hand, the editing process is quite interesting. There are several scenes that have a slo-mo effect with a background song that contrasts with the scene that appears. Heh, the slow motion scene isn’t as big as Snyder’s Cut’s Justice League . Still in reasonable stage.

While the action scenes, you could say, are quite exciting and brutal, even though they don’t present a wow choreography. The final fight wasn’t too long and long (hello Zack Snyder!). You could say it’s very realistic.

For me, an action like the film Nobody can be an interesting interlude when we are not treated to too many superhero-style scenes in 2021 (except for the MCU series).

Worth Watching
From the review above, you can see that the Nobody movie has a fairly thick drama side as an action film. I actually wish the action scenes were more heroic. After all, once the film was over, I was still entertained.

Maybe this Nobody movie is more suitable for adult audiences. In the sense of those who feel at home following the drama between matches. If you were hoping for a purely action film, you might be disappointed.

Anyway , in 2021, which is still quite quiet for this brilliant spectacle, the Nobody movie can still show off. If I like it. Hope you too.