(REVIEW) Mother (2020)


Selfish Parents, Children Become Victims

There are so many cases of parents abandoning their children because of their selfishness. They don’t want to admit that they can’t really raise their children and have children because of their own selfishness. They don’t think about how their children will grow up, whether their upbringing will make them happy. What is on the minds of these people is to make children as assets that they can use.

This is what happened in the film Mother. Akiko could just leave. As a result, Shuuhei became an independent child and made his mother very dependent on him. Is this good? Yes, not really. Children who are independent are good, but if they are independent because of irresponsible parents, children will become victims.


From the start, Akiko had little concern for Shuuhei. He doesn’t care what his son eats when he stays. He was also indifferent when Shuuhei said there was no hot water at home and instead asked his son to ask for hot water at the store. There was clearly something wrong with Akiko and her upbringing. You were forced to watch it for almost 2 hours, how Akiko only cares about herself, but feels her child is hers.

What’s Love, What’s Not?

Being exposed to toxic parental upbringing since childhood, Shuuhei has no choice. He also can’t decide for himself because since childhood he always gets the doctrine of Akiko who actually has a high probability of having a mental illness. What he saw, his mother was the only person who loved him, while his grandmother who scolded his mother was a bad person. Hence, little Shuuhei was afraid to meet his grandmother.

When he met his grandmother and grandfather as a teenager, he saw the affection they gave him. Unfortunately, Akiko’s request to kill the two had filled her mind and that was the only goal at that time. He didn’t think about the consequences, he didn’t think about how kind they were to him. All that was in his head was to carry out his mother’s wishes and orders.

Shuuhei clearly grew up to be a child who felt the “violence” his mother gave him was a form of love. He became addicted and did not want to lose the familiar. He grew up under his mother’s complete control, even when she was not around.

He couldn’t go to school because his mother said he didn’t have to, but he didn’t rebel either because he couldn’t go against his mother’s will. Imagine if you were in that position, it would be really torturous.

Tragedy Becomes the Peak

During 17 years of being “guided” with unconscious emotional torments, Shuuhei ends up being like an empty robot and can only be filled with the words of Akiko, her mother. So, when he killed his grandparents, he took full responsibility and didn’t blame his mother for telling him to. Finally, a 17-year-old teenager who killed an elderly couple became a headline that caused a stir in Japan.

Torturing Storytelling Style

The film Mother brings you to see everything from Shuuhei’s point of view. Although initially rarely talk, Shuuhei is the main character in this film. How he interacts with his mother, how he interacts with new people who approach him, until his interactions with his grandparents at the last moment can be very torturous for those of you who watch. You see, you know it’s not his fault.

You can see from the start that something is wrong with Akiko and that Shuuhei shouldn’t be with her. However, you guys are not Shuuhei. So you have to keep watching how Shuuhei is being used, not innocently, but blatantly. He doesn’t know what is right and wrong. Although as an adult he begins to be able to reject his mother, his mother still has more control that he cannot refuse. If Shuuhei is a robot, his mother has the remote control.

However, by looking at things from Shuuhei’s point of view, you can understand why he ended up killing his grandparents in the end. You really have to understand how a child can be used as a tool by their parents and it’s not a short journey. You may feel your emotions drained while watching Mother. However, this film can be a medicine to make you realize that some people really don’t deserve to have children and raise children.

In Indonesia, the issue of parenting is still often considered trivial. Having children seems to be an obligation, even though if you can’t afford it, why don’t you just admit it? You see, selfishness is what makes children suffer and the fees can be very expensive

Mother’s film may only highlight the tip of the iceberg of this problem. However, there are actually many more Shuuhei that you may not realize are victims of selfish parents.