Review MARVEL SpiderWoman Volume 4: The Devil’s Reign. This stage is closed


Final installment of Karla Pacheco and Pere Perez’s SpiderWoman with a final arc that is intermingled with the event of the season, El Reinado del Diablo. Panini Comics traces the master lines of the combat between Jessica Drew and all the nemeses that have pursued her these two years.

The mother who gave birth to her
Dear readers, you may wonder who we mean with such a statement and the truth is that the answer is not a single person as it affects SpiderWoman but also Veranke and, above all, Karla Pacheco. Starting a project with the idea of ​​carrying out a miniseries and managing to extend it to more than twenty installments already says a lot about the good work of the duo that he has formed together with Pere Pérez, so well-oiled that they are going to continue collaborating together in the future. The characteristic that shines the most in his scripts, for the headline starring Jessica Drew, is the sense of humor that overflows, even for the references to previous issues and his notes on the edge of the bullet.

Karla has had a great time, but Pere can say the same, he has enjoyed like a child chaining one action sequence after another, something in which practically no one in the medium can match him. His combat choreographies are unique, a delight for the eyes due to their plasticity and dynamism, it doesn’t matter if the setting is the green chroma of a film studio or the corridors of the building where SpiderWoman lives, the Ikea high chair through. It is pure spectacle in motion. Together they have made it so that having Captain Marvel around her barely saves the innocent, Jessica has to fight her own battles, regardless of her power level.

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The motley crew of villains
And for that you have to have a gallery of rivals to match, at least they give for a few laughs. Because it must be recognized that Los Espadas Gemelas de Toledo or the Brothers Grimm do not leave much room for a joke and yet they are associated with everything possible to make them seem like mere circus troupes, from the reference to the Ohio population that bears the same name than the old capital of the Kingdom of Spain to the constant confusion between Barton and Percy. One joke chained to another until reaching a denouement where the true villains of the entire story, Octavia Vermis and Michael Marchand, now also known as Aeternum, gain more weight. The family branch, the one that has maintained the weight of most of the plot.

Because the Anti-Arac 9, as the group of ten that has come together to defeat Jessica Drew is called, do not give much more, despite the casting that takes place during an entire episode, a number without any fight. , another achievement for the two authors of this comic. They have not even had any doubts about integrating a character that receives the name by which they both call themselves, Krazy Goat, although they use the plural of that conception of “Crazy Goats” . But what is truly surprising is the inclusion in the tie-ins with The Devil’s Reign of one of SpiderWoman’s true nemeses, due to the circumstances surrounding Secret Invasion, the Skrull Veranke.

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Closing doors
It is a great way to approach your participation in an event to face the person who impersonated you, who generated so much doubt among the superhero community about who Jessica Drew was. Veranke was Brian Michael Bendis ‘s way of wanting to strengthen his devotion to Spider-Woman, giving him a presence on his Avengers team that even Jess’s biggest fans never dreamed of. Now Karla and Pere begin the final round to settle scores, with Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk as conductor, revealing the fate of the Skrull she believed to be dead.

At this point, it is time to reflect on this stage that has lasted just two years, from May 2022 to May 2022 according to their publication dates. We have before us an era that stands out for its pure and hard fun, for intelligent scripts that have had to integrate a couple of Marvel events while repositioning the character’s family, without neglecting an important cast of secondary characters among which it has carved a niche for little Gerry and the skills inherited from his mother. A comic that deserves an Omnibus edition to have the complete stage collected in hardcover, with that I say it all.