Review: Marvel 616: Behind the Scenes of Wonder


Since the acquisition of Marvel in 2009, the Walt Disney Company has supplied its streaming platform, Disney+, with many documentaries aimed at comic book publishers. Following a tribute to Stan Lee, the patron who died in 2018, the platform will launch on November 20 an 8-episode documentary series called Marvel 616. We can watch it in preview.

It’s hard to categorize Marvel 616. This documentary series does offer eight episodes (lasting between 47 and 70 minutes) independent of each other. In the end, it looks more like a collection of films, each dealing with a specific theme. Together, we can learn more about the roles of women and superheroes, discover unknown, forgotten, and resurrected characters or see how Marvel recruits foreign talent behind new heroes like Spider-Man Miles Morales. If each part is worked on by a different director, there is one particular staging unit, which is attached to the chosen genre (documentary). We found the protagonist remembering cult sequences, narrating memories and anecdotes in chronological order making the subject easy to follow. The main pitfall of this type of document is very often being too talkative and self-indulgent. In Marvel 616, that’s not the case. Screenwriters, designers, and editors evoke their successes as well as their failures with real impartiality, rigor and a good dose of self-mockery when the subject is the right fit. Usually they don’t go overboard and that makes watching a lot of fun.

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The series gives pride of place to the cover of the unknown, to the unlucky hero who only goes through four adventures. Others, as the fourth film recounts, have been dug out of limbo to make a winning comeback in Black Panther imagery. In the curiosity section, the first episode focuses on the history of Spider-Man Japan. Marvel then tried to distribute its comics in the land of manga. The publisher formed a partnership with the Toei Company, which is known for its cartoons and series based on robots. He made a series of 41 episodes reserved for the Japanese archipelago that looked, nothing more, nothing less, like “sentai” (Power Rangers and others) with Spidey as the main hero. The result, far by Western standards, still manages to seduce Stan Lee.

A section devoted to a female part in the comic book universe proved to be extremely rare. It discusses historical and demographic facts and presents comics from the 40s and 50s, which have now disappeared. He introduces us to a new artist and screenwriter, who, driven by the emancipation of women, imposes himself on this male environment and dares to offer superheroine away from Hollywood canons. Squirrel Girl features sharper curves than her sister. Ms Marvel is the first veiled Muslim superhero. Marvel will also enlist American writer G. Willow-Wilson, a militant Muslim, to design Ms Marvel’s script, dialogue, universe, and secondary characters. He expected to receive messages of anger and insults, quite the opposite…

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Shot like a thriller, one of the documentaries brings us to life the entire story of 2020’s Iron Man, from the first pieces of the plot to the delivery at the bookstore and the dedication signing of Dan Stoll. We discovered the “Marvel method”. This sequence reveals all the stages of production and should please fans. Likewise, one of the films is tied to the Marvel Spotlight. This is a drama for American high school students featuring superheroes. They are used by drama teachers across the country. They explain that for their students, it is easier to identify with Magneto, Mordoc, Squirrel Girl or Ms. Marvel than with Romeo, Juliet or Othello. Dedicated to comic book fans in general and Marvel hero lovers, this series is a true mine of information, trade secrets, and nearly every episode hides a new visual nugget. We only regret the unattractive film devoted to cosplay. Only the first five minutes are worth a look, we study the origins of the movement. The rest follow cosplayers to New York Comic Con, all interspersed with intervention from psychologists lining up clichés. We can miss a clear conscience. the whole is interspersed with the intervention of a psychologist who harmonizes with the clichés. We can miss a clear conscience. the whole is interspersed with the intervention of a psychologist who harmonizes with the clichés. We can miss a clear conscience.