[Review] Lovecraft Country, a horror series that promises to be a monster success


Misha Green and Jordan Peele tackle HP Lovecraft’s imagination in the new HBO series, Lovecraft Country. A risky bet he seems to have taken in the first half. Did this series live up to our expectations?

Jordan Peele is in the production of a horror The Boss Baby 2 series, it doesn’t take much more to get started head-to-head in watching Lovecraft Country. The series by Misha Green follows Atticus Black, a Korean War veteran, who returns to his family after his father disappears. Helped by his uncle and childhood friend Letitia, he will embark on a journey in segregationist America and encounter strange creatures on the way. Together, they will also face another, very real threat, namely racism.

Before discovering Lovecraft Country, it’s worth contextualizing the work from which the series is adapted a bit. Matt Ruff’s novels blend HP Lovecraft’s imagination Black Widow and focus on black American characters in racist America in the 1950s, a paradox when you consider Lovecraft to be a racist and admirer of Hitler. It is on this premise that the series begins, by offering us an introductory sequence from extraordinary effectiveness. We find ourselves facing off against one of the author’s iconic creatures, Cthulhu, in a galactic battle scene. Atticus takes on this tentacle monster, before Jackie Robinson – the first black to play in Major League Baseball – destroys it with a well-placed bat.

The monster reappears as our hero wakes up in the back of the bus, the book A Princess of Mars in his hands. Lovecraft’s country had fun asking us questions about My Boss is a Serial Killer the notion of reality and building his entire story on this paradox, a black American man who was passionate about science fiction, but who would never see himself represented in a Lovecraft novel other than as an animal.

“Who runs the World?”
The series sounds like revenge on this racist literature and intends to offer our characters an emancipation worthy of its name. In Lovecraft Country, we follow a group Just Beyond of adventurers who are reckless, intelligent, and incredibly brave. The characters are also wonderfully constructed and the story never leaves them. A chorus of sorts, Lovecraft Country intends to explore each other’s souls by confronting them with carefully selected threats.

They were all worn by actors with undeniable talent, starting with Jurnee Smollett-Bell. Incandescent, he’ll have the rights to some amazing scenes, especially in the third episode. She embodies the figure The Bodyguard 2 of a strong woman, as television rarely does.Jonathan Majors also shows us the extent of his talent in Lovecraft Country with a very physical and highly effective play.

At the crossroads of the world between Indiana Jones and the 4th dimension
Misha Green also gives a The Forbidden Depths lively tribute to genre films and builds its universe through several expertly thought out episodes. There’s plenty of inspiration, from the Indiana Jones epic to monster movies to science fiction, Lovecraft Countr is a successful and engrossing patchwork of horror.

A worthy heir to Secrets in the Hot Spring fantastical series, like Tales from the Crypt or The 4th Dimension, Lovecraft Country has fun placing more or less obvious references to works that have marked X+Y the fantastic. So, Dracula by Bram Stroker will be quoted time and time again. If each episode is built around a unique plot, the series achieves a tour de force by pulling us in from start to finish.

Of the 5 episodes we were able to watch, all of them My Name really convinced us. If the first episode drags on at times, it has the benefit of introducing the vast universe of the series as it should be. Thanks to polished production and sharp direction, designer Misha Green delivers a successful story and a controlled atmosphere.

It was beautiful, it was good and we wanted more. We’ll have to Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Asakusa Arc wait a bit longer to see if that promise is kept in the second half of the season. The series is broadcast, one episode per week, 24 hours after the United States, on OCS.