[REVIEW] List of Netflix Movie Series March 2022

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Netflix Movie Series, since February 2022 many romance-themed Movies have been available in the Netflix Movie streaming service application, Now in March, the list of Netflix Movies that were present was no less exciting last month, presenting many action and romantic genre Movies such as dramas . korean lol.

One of the Netflix Movie Listings for March 2022, this is the latest in the streaming service’s famous authentic series. Not only that, we will also have the latest March’s Movies, which links well-known Hollywood movie stars as one of the actors. Oh right, in March 2022 we can also enjoy some of the latest anime attractions with a special narrative.

Next, will share a list of the latest Netflix Movie Series that are available to air during March 2022. Come on, follow it!

You can see the list of Netflix Movie Series through the Netflix service starting March 2022. Which one are you most looking forward to?

Netflix March 2022 Series List

1. Midnight at the Kersai Palace – 3 Maret

Midnight at the Kersai Palace might be suitable for those of you who like attractions with fantasy titles and have time expedition plans.

You see, the Netflix Movie series adapted to this romance tells of Esra, a journalist who stays at an inn called Kersai Palace located in the Istanbul area. Interestingly, one of the rooms at the inn is in fact a doorway to 1919.

The unplanned Esra returns to a later era after that and gets involved in a political conspiracy . At this time, Esra must maintain the niche of origin from the 1919 period so that it does not interfere with the future.

2. The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure – 2 Maret

March 2022 immediately opened with a Korean Movie titled The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure. True to its title, the Movie will center on the story of a swarm in imitation of the sea and is a spin-off sequel to The Pirates (2014). This time, the sequel will tell of the adventures of a group of imitating seas gathered in the ocean to search for the royal treasures that disappeared without a trace.

This list of Movies is certainly very suitable for those of you who like attractions titled imitating the sea like Pirates of the Caribbean. Moreover, this Movie links several famous Korean movie stars , such as Kang Ha-neul, Han Hyo-joo, Chae Soo-bin, even Lee Kwang-soo.

3. Kotaro Lives Alone – 10 Maret

In 2021 later, we have the presence of the Netflix Movie Serial Kotaro Lives Alone which is a live action adaptation of a famous manga with a similar title.

Well, in 2022 we will also be able to watch Kotaro’s story in its anime type which is ready to air starting March 10. So, we will be able to see the adorable behavior of the wise child in the form of a cartoon.

4. New Rome Baths – Maret 28 28

This authentic Netflix Slot Barn Festival anime New Rome Baths also has a special as well as ridiculous assumption. You see, Thermae Romae Novae tells the story of Lucius, an architect from the Ancient Roman era who is facing a lack of inspiration. One day, Lucius unplanned time expedition to Japan in modern times.

While located in Japan, Lucius visited a modern swimming pool that did not exist in his time. After returning to Ancient Rome, Lucius practiced modern swimming pool design which later became an innovative invention of his time. After that, Lucius often returned to the modern era of Japan every time he faced a lack of inspiration.

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5. Bridgerton Season 2 – March 25

After harvesting success through its first season, Netflix published when the Bridgerton Season 2 Netflix Movie Series would continue until the fourth season. Well, you will also be able to see the second period of the Netflix Movie series entitled the kingdom at the end of March 2022 tomorrow.

Unlike its first season, Bridgerton Season 2 will probably largely be more centered on the story of Viscount Anthony Bridgerton who is the oldest child of the Bridgerton family. The question is, the second romance that is the basis of the adaptation of the series is indeed more centered on the existence of Anthony Bridgerton.

6. The Adam Project – 11 Maret

Can you imagine what would happen if Deadpool became Hulk’s baby? Well, this has also come true in Netflix’s March Latest Movie, entitled The Adam Project.

You see, this Movie brings together Mark Ruffalo who is the star of the Hulk movie with Ryan Reynolds acting like a Deadpool actor as a father and son companion. Meanwhile, Ruffalo and Reynolds only have an age ratio of 9 years.

This happens because Reynolds serves as a personality who travels to the past to find himself at the age of 13 years.

Reynolds’ personality type was young and so old it was meant to make their father who was at that time the same age as the old type Reynolds personality. They do this to protect the future.