Review Korean Drama Start-Up (2020)


This Korean Drama Start-Up (2020) review was made after M Review watched several episodes that were aired for this one drama.

Start-Up (2020) is the latest drama starring many talented actors and actresses in South Korea. Start-Up is one ofthe most popular tvN dramas worldwide, including in Indonesia, because it also airs on the Netflix streaming platform.

Tells about the journey of young people who aspire to enter into a start-up business incubator to develop their business from scratch. Well, we will also discuss in full information about the Start-Up drama (2020). So keep reading this article, okay?

Note: Start-Up itself will air every 21:00 on tvN which is one of the replacements for the drama Stranger 2 and will be replaced by Mr. Queen on December 12, 2020. In addition, this drama was previously titled Sand Box, but it was changed after the production period began.

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Start-Up Korean Drama Trailer (2020)

Korean Drama Start-Up Review (2020)
Oh yes, this is a little information, for those of you who have watched Itaewon Class (2020) , maybe this one drama is the same type, right? Where they aspire to build a business. A little difference in the drama Start-Up (2020) using a technology theme.

How is the storyline given?
Actually the storyline of this Korean drama is also very mainstream, namely ” revenge “. In contrast to revenge in general, what is meant by revenge in Start-Up stories is revenge for wanting to succeed and escape from “ordinary” circumstances.

In addition, the author also invites the audience that “wealth”, “wealth”, and success cannot be seen from material and position alone. Yes, it’s like a cliché from a Korean drama series.

Also packed with family elements and of course romance, this series is quite addicting to watch. M Review, really like the setting, and the scene used in this Start-Up story.

They conjure up the filming location of the drama into a Silicon Valley style , this place is called the Sand Box . This is what makes today’s Korean dramas very advanced, because they are able to conjure up a place that doesn’t actually exist in South Korea to exist for story needs.

Drama Cast and Cast
If there is one reason why you should watch this Korean drama, of course, it is the actors and actresses who play the roles. Honestly M Review first watched because of the stars in the Korean drama Start Up.

First, Suzy who plays the female main character, then Nam Nam Joo Hyuk who plays the male lead character. In addition, several names of artists and supporting actors for the main characters are also no less shining.

Kim Su Ho and also Kang Ha Na who also took an important role in this Start-Up (2020) drama. If you are a drama audience, maybe that can also be one of the reasons why you should watch Start-Up (2020).

Besides that, you will also be excited and feel like you are dying of curiosity if you watch it because the conflict is made like a tug of war for a thread. The reason for this curious conflict can also be used as a strong reason to watch Korean dramas, because when we feel curious we will feel more comfortable to linger to finish this one drama.

Although the conflict that is created is not as grand as The World of The Married , but at least it is a sense of irritation, mixed with feelings of emotion when watching this one drama. Unfortunately, this conflict is not too much at the beginning so we personally are quite bored at the beginning of the episode.

But approaching episode 3 and so on, maybe you will be quite entertained by starting to be seasoned with various scenes that really make your heart mixed.

Stay Light
For light drama lovers, this tvN drama is very suitable to be the main alternative. With several actors who are famous for being very funny when acting, this drama manages to tickle the stomach every now and then. Silly behavior, and light comedy scenes make us less serious when watching it.

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So this one drama is perfect for people who want to entertain themselves with light and entertaining shows.

M Review itself has a fairly positive rating for this Korean drama. With a light story, the current theme is technology, making Start-Up one of the Korean dramas that you must watch.

If we had to rate it, we would rate it 4 out of 5 stars. Especially if you are a fan of romantic comedies, of course, the value you get can be even more.

The following are some profiles that you should know about this Nam Joo Hyuk drakor.

Korean Drama Title: Start-Up
Hangul: 스타트 업
Director: Oh Choong Hwan
Screenwriter: Park Hye Run
Broadcast Place: tvN
Number of Episodes: 16
Release and Premiered: 17 October – 6 December 2020
Showtimes: Saturday and Sunday 21:00 KST
Age Rating: 13 years and over
Plot and Synopsis of Start-UP (2020) By M Review

Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy), has a strong desire to start her own business. He quit his job and made a very big decision. He was inspired by a father who had died.

Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk), is the owner of a start-up company called Samsan Tech along with two of his friends. But the company is not doing well and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Seo Dal Mi and Nam Do San have a bond of fate that they cannot break. They coincidentally met because of a big “lie”.

Start-Up Cast and Cast (2020)
Below is a list of the cast and cast of the drama Start-Up (2020). Check it out right now!