[Review] Kantai Collection


One of the most anticipated anime of winter has finally just finished. What do you think, does this anime deserve all the promotions that Kadokawa does ? But for sure, this anime is getting the popularity it deserves when viewed from the number of game admirals who have just started going to sea andnumber of points spread in other gamesExplosion of merchandise released in the market.

Before we start, let’s first discuss what Kantai Collection is . Kantai Collection is a browser game that features historic ships belonging to the IJN ( Imperial Japan Navy ) in the second world war. Players can collect various types of ships and use them to fight the Abyssals , mysterious creatures that come from the sea.

At first, I quite doubted this anime, whether the anime would be as depressing as the history of the second world war from the Japanese side, or they would create a new story of their own. Plus, I also doubt that the use of Fubuki as the main character can boost the popularity of this game, because honestly, even in the game Fubuki feels a little, bland . But it turns out, in the end I can still enjoy this anime.

Fanon + Canon = Fanservice

Seriously , as a Kantai Collection player who has known kanmusu long before the anime started it scares me. Afraid that they will change the nature of the kanmusu to be far from what fans imagine. Luckily, they did a lot better than what I was expected .

There are so many personalities in the anime that describe what fans have implemented in each kanmusu. This causes me to feel, the fans have a strong hand in making this anime a reality, and that’s a good thing . How do they describeraging lesbianOoi and Kitakami, Kaga and Zuikaku who keep fighting, Akagi and Yamato whose stomach knows no bounds, Kongou who can’t stay still, and many more.

However, there are some parts that make me a little uncomfortable , especially when describing the silliness of the Kongou Sisters, seriously ? In addition, the use of the lines of the characters sometimes feels inappropriate, things that sound right when playing games don’t sound right. Some of the lines felt forced, which made me wince a little while watching them.

Ever-evolving battle scenes

I should first revise my old article on how battles in the Kantai Collection should be animated . In the previous 3 Eps Rule I also said that this anime must develop its fighting animation. And for which, they did! The battles in the Kantai Collection are getting more and more flexible and varied, even in the last episode they can fight with their bare hands.

Old articles also mention that the portion of war in the Kantai Collection anime is only 30% of the total anime. It balances Kanmusu’s life outside the battlefield and his life at headquarters. Depicting life in the base also makes for an interesting build up before the battle. For example, when Kitakami had to fight without Ooi or when Kaga had to save Zuikaku, which resulted in the tsundere duo being a bit dere .

But, in the end, the CG used still doesn’t feel stunning, indeed when viewed from the first episode, the battle scenes continue to evolve. But the evolution is not the evolution of a caterpillar into a butterfly, but rather a tadpole into a frog. Considering KanColle’s supposedly huge budget with Kadokawa’s focus on it , I think the CG and effects should be much more dramatic than this. Maybe they should team up with Ufotable doing Fate/stay night or Silver Link working on the Prisma Illya series.

Nugrahadi once advised me, don’t wait for Nagato to go to sea because he will only come out in the last episode to be the subject of the atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll . Ha !

We’re straying off the history path
The third episode became a major turning point which dealt a great blowhas been forgottenbig enough towards the future of this anime. Will this anime follow history ( in history, Kisaragi was drowned during the operation of wake island ) or will they change history?

The answer first appeared when Yuudachi turned intoAnavel GatoKai. Kai ni in the game describes the ‘hope’ that is draped on the shoulders of the kanmusu. That is, the ship has had a considerable achievement to be remembered in history, especially in the case of Yuudachi, Japan had around 200 destroyers at the time of the second world war, and shining among them was not an easy matter.

With the depiction of Yuudachi Kai, at that moment I decided that this anime had deviated from the historical plot. Even Fubuki gets Kai’s change, this version of Kai ni Fubuki has a high waterproof status , I guess you can see where I’m getting at now with Midway With this KanColle officially,destroydeviate from the course of history.

Is it good?

The first thing you should realize when watching the Kantai Collection anime is that this is an anime that sells waifu, so don’t expect too much from the story. Moreover, more than 50% of this anime has become spoilers since decades ago, spoilers that we call history. Therefore, maybe you have to have a fairly high tolerance when watching the anime.

I often see that there are complaints about this anime, both from the side of players and other anime lovers. Maybe some people don’t want their waifu to be mainstream , others don’t like it because some of the anime elements are contagious to various places,then.