[REVIEW] K-Drama Something in The Rain is ready to be remake into an Indian version

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This drama will be reworked by India biggest digital entertainment company – The popularity of Korean dramas in the Asian scene has made several parties in the entertainment industry interested in adapting them into different versions. Korean drama remakes are usually not much different from the original plot. However, there are several remake dramas that slightly change the plot when compared to the original storyline.

Well, recently there was news that there was a Korean drama that would be adapted into an Indian version. This drama was popular in 2018, l0. Come on, Hipwee friends, see the full review~

Increasing audience interest in India, JTBC is interested in re-make into Indian version

The drama Something in the Rain is rumored to be adapted by Pocket Ace, India’s largest digital entertainment company. JTBC Studio, as the party that produced the drama Something in the Rain , said that the remake was done to create a better approach with K-Drama audiences in India, considering that India has a great interest in showing Korean content.

In fact, this drama project is called a big project, because India is the largest Bollywood film market in the world with an audience of 1.4 billion.

The drama project Something in The Rain which was adapted into an Indian version is not the first. Previously, there were also Korean films that were remade into Indian versions, such as the films The Man from Nowhere and Ode to My Father which turned out to have a positive response from local residents in India.

Played by Son Ye-jin and Jung Hae-in, this is the synopsis of the drama Something in the Rain

The drama, which recorded a rating of 8.3%, tells the story of a realistic couple’s relationship between a man and a woman with an age difference, namely the age of the female partner is younger than the age of the male partner. The couple has had a close relationship since childhood and developed a romantic romance at an adult age.

Yoon Jin-ah (Son Ye-jin) is a 35-year-old woman who works as a supervisor at a coffee shop. Then, one day Jin-ah is reunited with her childhood friend, Seo Joon-hee (Jung Hae-in) who is 31 years old. Over time, their relationship became close again until they finally changed their status to lovers.

The drama, made by director Ahn Pan-seok and scriptwriter Kim Eun, has another title in the form of Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.

Wow, it’s definitely going to be really fun, Hipwee pal! Hopefully the Indian version of the drama Something in the Rain will be as popular as the Korean version, SoHip. Let’s just look forward to it~