[Review] Is Tyler Rake on Netflix Hitting Hard?


As for its new feature film, Netflix is ​​very successful. Disney actor debauchery company to play experienced mercenaries put on the most dangerous missions. Chris Hemsworth is Tyler Rake and he must save the life of a drug lord’s kidnapped son.

Chris Hemsworth hung up his Thor costume to rummage through Netflix. The actor stars in the platform’s new action film, Tyler Rake. He plays an experienced mercenary who must save the son of a drug lord, who was kidnapped by a cartel. From the very first moments, the film goes against what the platform has offered in the past. Here, the feature film tries to blend the theme of drama with action and tries to explore the souls of the characters through a series of flashbacks.

If the narrative sometimes gets lost in the clichés of the genre, it manages to 365 Days readjust the code to develop its message. The film addresses the theme of ownership, but struggles to do so accurately. The stakes are sometimes tamed too quickly and the scenario suffers from some length. This two-hour film turned out to be quite a waste and the tension that the writer tried to present was not right on target. The plot is warm and the sometimes The Addams Family 2 frantic or delayed pace isn’t enough to keep us going. Our character is thrown to the four corners of the city and finally the spectacle that unfolds before our eyes fails to move us. If the Russo brothers have accomplished the feat with Avengers: Endgame, Joe Russo isn’t repeating that feat and that’s a shame.

The entire film Black Widow is based on the duo played by Hemsworth and Rudhraksh Jaiswal. Whoever signed his first film here gives a performance that fits his character, but sometimes struggles to find his place. He embodies the archetype of a protagonist who is thrust into a world he knows nothing about and who must follow the story’s hero, Tyler Rake.

To fill the scriptwriting gap, the two actors made up Squid Game for it with a play that didn’t always get it perfectly right. Luckily, the bet from the two actors was to immerse us in the action and at this point it worked out pretty well. Chris Hemsworth delivers an impressive physical performance, on par with what Snake Eyes GI Joe Origins he did in the MCU. He embodies a manly hero, as is often the case in the genre, but despite all his efforts, fails to reinvent himself. We will end up with a realization that, if not free After We Fell from defects, is still worth turning around. The director, Sam Hargraves, went behind the camera for the first time and dared to shoot sequences for highly effective action scenes.

The guys who The Suicide Squad choreographed Avengers Endgame, managed to incorporate these explosive and time-tested epic shots, thanks to great fight scenes, especially at the end of the film. Despite the adrenaline rush, the sequences The Deep House are easy to read and quite enjoyable. This is without a doubt what the best Netflix has done in the genre and it will delight fans of explosive and rhythmic films.

If Netflix hadn’t signed off Locke & Key on the masterpiece with Tyler Rake, the platform had managed to reclaim the genre code to deliver a film that was ultimately quite enjoyable. Not all is perfect, but the second half No Time to Die of the film will manage to save the day. This popcorn movie is still struggling to find its guidelines. At the end of the spectacle, there is one question that remains, is it really necessary? Without doubt.