Review Is the Black Clover Anime on Netflix Worth Watching?


Today, web or animated series have replaced movies. Instead of watching three hours of movies, people now prefer Netflix. Black Clover, a Japanese manga series is one of the most popular anime today. Now, Black Clover has run up to 162 episodes.


Review Anime Black Clover
Black Clover is an anime series based on a manga written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. And if there’s one thing that could be said about the story as a whole — this series is perfect for Fairy Tail fans and those who like to support underdog characters.

Two orphaned boys, Asta and Yuno, were abandoned as babies at the door of a church on the outer edge of the Clover Kingdom. In their world, every individual has some kind of magic ability. Asta was born without magic while his brother, Yuno, excels in it. They both fight over the prestigious position of being the Magic Emperor and Asta will do anything to show that he is no joke.

People’s talents and magical powers range from the ability to complete tasks to fight intense battles. I’m not going to lie, Black Clover is full of shonen anime clichés , with the main character just speaking in high, shrill tones.

People call him “Naruto with magic”, and it’s hard to refute that judgment. Even so, Black Clover is still entertaining because of its dynamic characters and interesting storyline. Maybe, Black Clover can be a fun weekend spectacle for you.

Sometimes we can get a lot out of a story when the plot is slow. The original Black Clover manga started off slow, so it makes sense that Pierrot (the studio that produced the anime ) followed the same style.

Fight scenes can be made up to three episodes. It really sucks, like Tsubasa kicking the ball and we wait for the ball to go into the goal for up to two episodes.

There are similarities between Black Clover, Tokyo Ghoul, and Bleach
One thing immediately stands out with Black Clover, that the plot unfolds early on. Doing this is fine for some viewers as they are curious, but others prefer it to be a little suspenseful. The consensus is that this anime is not living up to its full potential.

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The main character has a loud voice and he is constantly screaming. Another criticism put forward by viewers wanting to see a bit of moderation and variety. Loud, bold voices are best used to highlight certain points or moments in the story, but if they’re too much, they’ll lose their effectiveness and we hope the writers and directors will put a damper on this aspect of the anime soon.


Animation Too Stiff
The animation in Black Clover tends to be very stiff. High-quality CGI doses are recommended by some critics. It’s true that the animation doesn’t flow, but maybe that’s what the developers were aiming for. The animation sounds like a throwback to the early 2000s so let’s assume that’s probably what it was meant to be.

Characters Similar to Naruto and Sasuke
Asta takes a hard line with a loud voice, similar to Naruto. Their relationship is also similar to Naruto and Sasuke. While Naruto and Sasuke have a cold war to become Hokage, Asta and Yuno compete to become the Magic Emperor.

Overall, I can recommend this anime for those of you who like Naruto stories. Black Clover might not be that popular without the power of its main character, Asta. However, since most of the older shonen series like Naruto or Bleach have ended, there’s no doubt that Black Clover is a rising star in the anime world .