[Review]: Is Space Force on Netflix reaching new heights?


I’m a rocket expert”. Netflix takes to the skies with its new series, Space Force. From screenwriter The Office, he plunges us into the heart of the creation of the sixth branch of America’s armed forces. A risky bet for a platform that relies on Steve Carell to lead the ship. Is Space Force meet our expectations?

In 2018, Donald Trump announced the creation of the sixth branch of the American armed forces, intended to establish the country’s dominance in space. It was this statement that would be the starting point for the new Netflix series, Space Force. A recently awarded fourth star, General Naird, was appointed head of the project. He now had to lead the operation and at the same time find out what was going on.

To help him on this mission, he can rely on the scientist Dr. Adrian Mallory (John Malkovich) and communications manager Tony Scarpiducci (Ben Schwartz). Aiming for the moon is their goal. To bring this elite unit to life, Netflix has called out some of the biggest names in comedy, starting with Steve Carell as the main character. From the tyrannical bosses of The Office to the scrupulous and authoritarian Space Force general, it’s just a short step.

He aptly embodies this whimsical character, overwhelmed by My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission the turn of events. Assisted by sharp dialogues, the actor on several occasions managed to make us smile widely, especially in his conversations with the character played by John Malkovich. The latter cast off the cloak of the New Pope, to play a disillusioned scientist who must fight against all odds to carry out his project. The verbal play between the two characters is fun and the links they forge over the episodes allow you to really bond with them. Like the first encounter with a coworker, we’ll need a few episodes to understand it better. We’ll also highlight the Venom 2 awesome performance of Ben Schwartz, perfect in the role of the irresistible community manager whose life boils down to multiple hashtags. We’ll find Lisa Kudrow, who has marked the spirit with the moon Phoebe of Friends, this time in the skin of a woman and a loving mother. Unfortunately, his on-screen presence will be limited to a few short scenes and that’s a shame.

With a 5-star cast and early premise, Space Force has Les Éternels everything to be a comedy series of the year. When the project head duo was announced, our expectations were high. It must be said that to write the screenplay, Netflix called upon two genre leaders. The platform has denigrated The Office creator Greg Daniels, who after exploring the world of work in the American adaptation of the English series, revisits the subject in Space Force.

From the very first moment, the Space Force did not hide its intentions. This reality-inspired Dune series paints an uncompromising portrait of a paradoxical America and a fickle President addicted to social networks. On several occasions, the author entertains himself with government policies and does not hesitate to break down the 4th wall. From the uniform sent by his mother countries to troubled tweets from the president, the Space Force does not hesitate to fall into the absurd. Several sequences make strong references to Donald Trump’s blunders, without ever mentioning his name. On the other hand, this series does not hesitate to convey a message by exploring the field of feminism or cultural appropriation. Without exaggeration, Space Force explores the vagaries of our society, but it doesn’t always work.

Some of the jokes are overkill at times, but the double reading After 3 of the story allows the series to gain heights. If laughter isn’t always honest, the series can count on the bloody humor of these creators to convince us. However, in the second part of the season, this is not the time for fun as the plot becomes more efficient. Like diesel, Space Force takes time before reaching cruising speed. But now, after ten episodes, the plot seems disconnected and many questions remain unanswered.

The unevenness of the action in some episodes will make us hungrier because the adventures of our heroes seem far from over. Hence, a mixed first season, but a rather encouraging one for the future. We will remember the mixed reception given to The Office upon its release. Since the series, it has established itself as a reference and we hope Space Force suffers the same fate. We expect Netflix to update the series for a second round of episodes, at the risk of some disappointment. The series is available today on Netflix.