ID:INVADED is a winter anime that airs from January 6 to March 23. This original anime takes the theme of a detective who solves a serial murder case. Produced by Studio NAZ , this anime does not seem to shine among other anime seasons. But it turns out that this anime has presented a work that exceeds the expectations of many people.

THE DETECTIVES UNITED. There was a serial murder. The victim was brutally murdered, beyond the common sense of normal people. The police also take action to solve the mystery of this serial murder by utilizing a technology where they can enter the subconscious of the perpetrator to find out the killer’s information.

JIGSAWED. The process starts from searching for ‘particles of consciousness’ at the crime scene using a tool called Wakamusubi . This particle of consciousness will be the source of the id which is then analyzed by a system called Mizuhanome . A pilot ‘ dives ‘ in the cockpit to enter the id and takes on the role of a brilliant detective to solve mysteries in the subconscious world which is full of strangeness and uniqueness of each.

Sakaido the main character wakes up without remembering anything until he finds Kaeru and finds himself as a brilliant detective tasked with solving the case of Kaeru ‘s death . From Sakaido’s analysis, the team from the Kura organization commanded by Momoki Funetarou immediately investigated all related information while monitoring the id world . As a result they can find the location to the motive of the killer.

SNIPED. Every time the killer’s subconscious is dug, it is seen the mastermind controlling the killers who have their own way of killing them. The subject who is always present at the same time as Kaeru’s death is called John Walker . The whole case solving, leads to one core, who really is John Walker.

EXTENDED. The continuity of the story of each case produces a chain that is very interesting to watch. Episode after episode is well built, each scene can be right on target to the audience. The highest credit deserves to be given to Aoki Ei as a director who has experience in anime such as Fate/Zero and Aldnoah Zero .

FALLEN. The main character of the brilliant detective Sakaido was piloted by a person whose real name is Narihisago Akito . Narihisago is a former detective who has a criminal status due to the murder he committed against one of the serial killers. This character, which has been damaged to the core , can become the focus of an interesting spectacle for the audience because of the dualism of his status as a detective or a murderer. After all, no one can enter the world of id before killing someone.

CIRCLED. The presence of appropriate music is an essential ingredient to support any mystery revolving around detectives. In this case, ID:INVADED raised two names that rarely fill the soundtrack in anime . In the opening song we have Sou with the song Mister Fixer and in the ending song we have MIYAVI with the song Other Side . Both songs have high quality above the average anime in general. Accompanied by BGM composed by Slavek Kowalewski and Atsushi Umebori added to the hype in this anime . One more thing, insert songwhich is so richly made by more than 3 composers is a sensation that you can feel extraordinary from this anime .

THUNDERBOLTED. Studio NAZ can probably be proud of this anime as the best work so far. The visual effects shown cannot disappoint the audience. The world of the id is a subconscious full of freedom. Each variety of id was successfully performed well, in rhythm with the effects and the running music. Episode 1 alone had a shocking effect on me, and it managed to repeat itself in episodes 2 and 3 until it was over.

DESERTIFIED. Mystery genre viewers usually have a thirst for cases to be solved. How is the analysis of the instructions in the world of id , the resolution of cases by people who act in the room and in the field as well as information that can be used for the future become the sights that the audience has been waiting for. Sometimes, there are cases that are solved at a fast pace , this creates a shocking effect. There are also cases that do not have any meaning, leaving a void until it is lifted at the end which becomes an important segment to explain what is implied in the climax.

INSIDE-OUTED. The plot twist is the beginning of the turning point of solving a mystery. Starting from episode 7 which takes the middle position, the plot twist has started from there. Episodes 9 and 10 are an important process of how we and the characters are trapped in a shell within a shell. No one thought that a newly emerged name would be at the heart of this story.

The conversation scene of Narihisago and his family in episode 10 is a scene that makes people who are not mystery enthusiasts want to try watching this anime . This scene was so touching , I couldn’t help but cry a second time even though I already knew this scene from the previous spoiler . This scene can also be an example of how the results of good directing that know when the timing is right from the harmonization of music, visual scenes , and voice actors collaborate in such a way that makes this anime more than just beautiful to watch.