REVIEW: HALLOWEEN KILLS Similar to his contemporaries such as Freddy Krueger


Similar to his contemporaries such as Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), Micahel Myers’ name has also been raised to the big screen for the umpteenth time. And this year the Halloween franchise has reached its twelfth series. Sequel to the 2018 film that has a direct connection with the first film, which was released in 1978. The Halloween Kills series itself is two of three films that are also a trilogy directed by David Gordon Green. So don’t expect Michael Myers’ terror to end in Halloween Kills, because a new trilogy cover is out next year.

Still starring Jamie Lee Curtis who plays Laurie Strode, the plot of the Halloween Kills story continues directly from the end of the Halloween story which was released in 2018. After trapping Michael Myers in a guessing field and escaping, Laurie Strode along with her children and grandchildren went straight to the hospital because Laurie had an accident. quite serious injuries. The hope that Micahel Myers had died disappeared when again this psychopath managed to escape from the burning rubana. And Micahel Myers’ terror was back again with many victims falling within a few hours after he escaped. The news that Michael Myers is still alive spreads to the citizens of Haddonfield. Tired of the terror they have endured for 40 years, the citizens of Haddonfield agree to hunt down and will take vigilante action to end Myers’ terror. Did the people of Haddonfield’s plan work? The answer can be found in the film. Read Other Articles

With the setting of one night that continues the end of the first film, Halloween Kills presents a visual of Myers’ brutality in preying on its victims more than the first film. All the brutality and the increasing number of victims it is to deliver the plot effect to the citizens of Haddonfield. An interesting plot actually, how this time a small townspeople hunt down the psychopath. But only to that extent. If viewed as a whole, what Halloween Kills shows is just a repetition of the previous series which for myself did not expect anything in the plot of the story. I just want to see what else Laurie’s efforts this time to survive or kill Myers. However, for this latest series, Laurie’s role here is mostly just as a story thread. Portions of the characters were taken over by the characters of the citizens of Haddonfield. Maybe it’s intentional to prepare Laurie’s character for the closing film, which releases next year.

Based on nothing in the plot of the story, my attention was drawn to the local characters who hunted Myers. Like typical slasher horror films, we will find many clichéd scenes where one by one the people who are hunting become victims. However, all clichés in this film have been doubled, which makes me very angry with myself every time the cliché scene appears. This is quite unique, because it made me slowly switch camps to Michael Myers. Every murder scene committed by Myers is a satisfaction in itself. Read Other Articles

Unlike the first film, I quite enjoyed the story which was pretty neat, for Halloween Kills comes as just a warm-up for the last film. Like filler episodes in a series, Halloween Kills can be a fun episode or vice versa for us. For myself, there is an enjoyable episode in this camp. Read Other Articles