Review game Ni no Kuni: Cross World


Amazing graphics and art style

The first impression that you will get when you first enter this game is the beauty of the graphics and graphics which remind you of the films from Studio Ghibli.

The cutscenes given after downloading this game are also very beautiful; like you watch a movie. Not only that at the time of character creation at the beginning of the game, there are lots of designs and colors that you can choose to make your favorite character.

The whole view of the world is so beautiful that we want to keep exploring that world without stopping. With cute, unique, and also scary monster designs, we are made curious about what kind of monsters we can meet.

In the settings section, there is an option regarding FPS. The minimum FPS given is 15 and the maximum limit is 120 FPS. it’s rare for an MMORPG game that provides an option of 120 FPS. With this incredible Art Style it’s a plus for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds .