(REVIEW) Free! Timeless Medley: The Bond, an Event for Washing Girls’ Eyes


Story: 6 | Characterizations: 7 | Visuals: 8 | Sound Effects/Scoring: 7 | Directing: 7 | Final Score: 7/10
Of course, you are already familiar with this anime about swimming. This anime full of fan service for girls has been released in Japan for a long time since 2013. In this anime, you will be very spoiled by the presence of six – pack s boys who join the swimming club. The anime can be said to be successful and make the girls satisfied with fangirling . Well, since there are many fans, this anime also has prequels, sequels, side stories , and alternative versions of the anime.

This time, although a bit late, the film that will be showing in Indonesia starting April 18, 2018 is Free! Timeless Medley: The Bond . This is the first sort of summary of the anime. This film takes Haruka Nanase aka Haru’s point of view about swimming. Simultaneously, the point of view of the people around Haru was also discussed, who wanted to see Haru happy.

Opening with a little flashbask to Haru’s past, you will feel a bit mellow at first. However, like other anime films, Free! Timeless Medley: The Bond also begins with a lively opening theme. In this opening song, you can see how the bonds of friendship between Haru and Makoto Tachibana, Nagisa Hazuki, and Rin Matsuoka began. Then, you can also see how Haru and Rin’s friendship bonds are finally separated.

After the opening song, you are immediately presented with the main problem of this film, which is “What do you want to be after graduation?” Rin was the first to ask this question, which made Haru and Makoto confused about their future. Next, you will see how upheaval occurs in Haru, who has not been thinking about anything other than swimming.

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This film really describes Haru’s feelings about swimming. Maybe you also know that Haru has only wanted to swim freestyle and according to his wishes. Well, this film will answer Haru’s true feelings. Why doesn’t Haru want to enter the world of competitive swimming? Why doesn’t Haru want to be a professional swimmer like Rin has always dreamed of? Everything is answered in this film.

Unfortunately, although this film should focus more on Haru, the many other character problems that are highlighted make the film lose focus in the middle. So you don’t know what this movie actually means, unless you’ve watched the anime series. As a “summary”, I think there is too much to show in this anime film. However, if we look at the possibility that this film could be a kind of introduction to season 3 , other character conflicts that are expressed are still acceptable. Oh, yes, season 3 is scheduled to air this summer, you know.

The visualization is okay, especially when they’re swimming. It feels very fresh. However, nothing special, really. Plus, the angle of shooting is really like anime. You will find several times the sky is highlighted to give a pause to change scenes. Even in some parts, there are still scene displacements that feel less neatly cut. However, you can forget that because this anime film is as simple as a summary in a film. So, you will feel like you are watching the anime series Free! shortened to 94 minutes.

The music makes you excited and makes you enjoy following the story of Haru and his friends who are still confused about the future. Plus, you will also be happy with Haru, Rin, and Makoto’s friendly relationship which “invites misunderstanding”. Several times, several times, romantic “grazing” and disturbing scenes (especially for fujoshi ) between Haru, Rin, and Makoto have been shown. If you don’t pray often, maybe your nervousness will peak after watching this anime film.

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If you are a new viewer who has never watched the Free1 season 1 anime series , you definitely won’t understand what this film is about. You see, like I said earlier, this film starts with a flashback to Haru’s past, the scene being taken from High Speed!: Free! Starting Days (2015). Followed by a flashback of Haru and his friends together when they first joined the competition to represent the Iwatobi Swim Club from the season 1 anime series . So , don’t expect you to get an introduction that will make you understand the story of Haru and his friends. You see, this film is a place to wash the eyes of fans.

If you claim to be a fan of cute six – pack s boys in Free ! , you can’t miss this anime movie. Consider it a warm-up before season 3 of the anime series starts in July 2018. Oh, yeah, a little leak. After this movie, there will be Free! Timeless Medley: The Promise , which will focus more on the story of Rin and Sosuke Yamazaki’s friendship. So, don’t miss it, okay?