Yeah, back again with me here. Since it’s Sunday and I don’t know what to do other than take a break and write an article… I decided to just do this. Not bad, keeping your updates on the newest things? Hehehe.

In addition to Bohemian Rhapsody and Hunter Killer, one of the films that has attracted the most attention (potential) audiences is the film made by Disney, namely The Nutcracker and The Four Realms. When viewed, the name reminds us of the classic fairy tale The Nutcracker Doll and the Mouse King. I used to have the book. The original story is quite magical in my opinion—when will we see a little girl help a nutcracker doll to defeat the king of mice in a world of nowhere? But, this is also quite interesting, because it looks like this is a re-imagined story of The Nutcracker.

The spot on from the trailer is the instrumental music from the famous Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the ballet opera The Nutcracker, usually the atmosphere is very strong with Christmas. But, this time it’s very different. It feels like it’s foreshadowing something, for sure.

Because I was invited by a friend, yes, I finally watched this with them.


Clara Stahlbaum is a noble girl who has a hard time putting herself in her position as royalty in general. His mother, Marie Stahlbaum, recently died. On one Christmas Eve, he and his brothers and sisters were given a Christmas gift in the form of an inheritance from his mother. Surprisingly, Clara’s Christmas present is the only mysterious gift. Since they were going to the Drosselmeyer dance that night, Clara decided to ask her godfather to help open a gift from her mother. However, Drosselmeyer had another trick. Of course he gave Clara the solution, but the trick was to put her in the unknown world known as the Four Realms. The atmosphere becomes more complex when Clara enters there and finds that the state of the world is in disarray.



PS: For those who haven’t seen the film and don’t want spoilers, the consequences are in your hands.

Like I said earlier, this film is a re-imagined version of the Nutcracker story. So, the story will be a little different here. For example, in the original story, the Rat King is an evil character. In this film, previously, the Rat King also appeared as an antagonist, although in the end, the Rat King was revealed as a good character who helped Clara fight the real enemy.

From the story… for a re-imagined version, it’s not bad. The director and producer of this film knows how to outsmart this film’s story by presenting a fresh and pretty good new formula. Clara’s role is not as rigid as Clara in the original story, but as a tough woman who is smart and wise. But I’m afraid this will fall like the Mary Sue trope, which is something that almost happened in the movie. Although many reviews say this film is not good, but as a fan of fantasy fiction, I appreciate this new story idea. The breath of the story is different and the message conveyed is better.

One more thing: I love the twists in this story. Who would have thought that Mother Ginger who is said to be evil and is said to be the antagonist in this story is actually a good protagonist, and Sugar Plum is a (?) fairy who has distorted facts and is a bad character, even though we think she is good? Sugar Plum is my favorite villainess in Disney movies; more members of the list of the best villains in 2018. He’s really good at hiding his mask behind that high-pitched voice and sweet demeanor? Wow.

That is too real. Because I’ve ever had a friend like her too.

In terms of visuals, Disney is unquestionable. All films made by Disney must have good visual effects, including this film. Viewers can be mesmerized by the depiction of each country in the Four Realms; The land of beautiful Flowers, the land of Snow that is charming with its snow, the land of Sweets as sweet as the name suggests, and also the Fourth Realm or the dark land of Entertainment. venom 2 Pelicula completa Especially for the last country I mentioned, the impression of darkness and horror is really felt through its visuals.

One thing that is quite controversial about this film is the casting. Aside from “black people should be represented more in media and all platforms of pop culture nowadays”, many people feel that this is not the case for this film. This is a European folk tale, and I think it’s a bit inappropriate to cast a black person in this film. It doesn’t feel right, especially with the history of Europeans who have oppressed black people. But, once again, because it’s the re-imagined version, it was good. It’s a perfect addition, even! The actors are very charming, especially Jayden Fowora-Knight and Misty Copeland who are able to anesthetize the audience through their ballet dances.

The soundtrack is great too! The gloomy version of the instrumental Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is able to strengthen the mysterious and dark impression of this story. The theme song for this film, “Fall on Me”, sung by Andrea Bocelli and his son, Matteo, is really good, fits the mood of the film.

Overall, this film is pretty good in my opinion. For those of you who are confused about what movie to watch this weekend, you can come to the cinema and watch The Nutcracker and The Four Realm. This film really delivers, doesn’t disappoint me, and is perfect for watching with the family.