Review Film The Bad Guys (2022)

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Usually, animated films are only about good and evil. It’s quite rare to find animated films that take the heist theme. This could be a plus or a boomerang for The Bad Guys .

The reason is that the heist concept, which is usually full of intrigue, must be executed properly. The Bad Guys also have homework, because Pierre Perifel, the director, must also maintain the entertaining side of an animated film.

Nevertheless, KINCIR enjoyed it. The Bad Guys is like a complete package; There are scenes that make you think, act, and laugh that make the studio boisterous. Check out the review of the film The Bad Guys a la KINCIR below.

Review Film The Bad Guys
Heist -themed animation that works storylessly

When KINCIR watches the trailer, our predictions will give it a 7. However, when watching it, there is a unique complete experience beyond expectations.

The story of The Bad Guys is about a group of unsettling criminals; Wolf (Sam Rockwell), Snake (Mark Maron), Shark (Craig Robinson), Piranha (Anthony Ramos), and Tarantula (Awkwafina). They are a complete package of criminal gangs who like to carry out world-class robberies.

Wolf is the leader, while Snake is a safe and escape expert. They named the group as The Bad Guys , and their goal was to become famous for their crimes.

Instead of clearing their good name, they have become master robbers. Not for wealth, after all, in their headquarters, all stolen goods are only collectibles. For them, the action is a matter of achievement. They like to be fugitives.

Until one day, Diane Foxington (Zazie Beetz), the governor of the city, ignites the emotions of The Bad Guys. Diane has a big event, which is to give an award for all the goodness of Professor Marmalade (Richard Ayoade).

Wolf was furious, and he devised a strategy to commit a big heist in the moment of the award.

On the advice of Professor Marmalade, The Bad Guys also have to study and take a number of tests to become good. Will they be good? Watch it, let me know!

Comedy is a bit loose, but still enjoyable
The solid story and the fast plot are the added value in this film. Their satirical comedy inserts are also so unique. Without realizing it, even though their jokes are about animal life, we as humans can reflect on ourselves.

Not only puns full of meaning, light comedy also makes this film fresher. Like a roller coaster, we are invited to follow the actions of The Bad Guys which are quite tense, but their actions often invite laughter. Awkwafina did a great job! Even though it’s small, the jokes and actions are memorable!

The kinship between The Bad Guys is also unique. Often mean to each other, but they support each other. Some sweet moments like Snake’s birthday also make the story even more fun. It’s funny when a group of evil animals, concerned about Snake’s birthday, are told to have no one.

Totally unexpected plot twist

Actually, for those of you who like to watch heist-themed films, The Bad Guys will remind you of Ocean 8. For this kind of theme, surely the audience will be waiting for the plot twist moment ; if it fails, it feels like all good judgment will collapse in an instant.

The Bad Guys provides a higher level of plot twist . When the audience felt that one scene was the momentum, apparently there was another scene that made them chuckle.

The story of the bad and the good in The Bad Guys has a unique portion in each plot twist. Makes us think, who is really the bad guy? From there we will see that Good is No Fun at All.

The final part in this film is very open to the possibility of a sequel being made. I personally, waiting for good news for the continuation of The Bad Guys.