Review Film Follow Me (2020)


At the end of November 2021, we can watch a new Hollywood horror film with the title Follow Me . The film, directed by Will Wernick, has actually been released in a number of US theaters since 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the film can only be shown in a number of Indonesian cinemas starting in November 2021.

Synopsis of the film Follow Me tells of a vlogger named Cole Turner (Keegan Allen) who has a YouTube channel with millions of followers. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his YouTube channel, Turner also wants to create content in Russia by going through an escape room obstacle . However, the content creation process did not turn out to be what Turner had expected.

Review film Follow Me
The audience-hungry vlogger’s “doom”

In this film, Cole Turner is an internet celebrity or vlogger who seems to be “thirsty” with the presence of his audience. You see, Turner almost always creates content for his audience in the various places he goes, even though he is with his girlfriend. One day, Turner also had the opportunity to create escape room content in Russia, to coincide with his channel’s birthday.

Turner also invites his girlfriend and several friends to take part in the escape room obstacle set by a Russian tycoon. Reportedly, almost no one managed to complete the escape room in accordance with the existing regulations because it was so difficult. This also made Turner even more enthusiastic about going through the escape room to get more audiences.

The entire process from the escape room took place live via the YouTube channel so that all Turner followers could watch it. However, in the escape room , Turner and his friends had to face various obstacles that really threatened their lives. Turners, who previously only thought about content, now have to rack their brains to keep them alive.

Horror film with a forgettable plot-twist
The theme of the escape room that threatens the lives of its characters in Follow Me is actually not the first time a Hollywood horror film has raised it. One of the escape room- themed horror films in Hollywood is the Saw franchise which is very popular in various parts of the world. Therefore, the story theme of Follow Me is actually not very impressive because it has been brought up quite often.

Indeed, Follow Me has a plot-twist that is quite surprising at the end of the film. However, these plot twists seem illogical or too forced and seem to exist just to make Follow Me different from other escape room- themed films . This is what then the story and plot-twist in the film Follow Me will be easily forgotten by the audience aka forgettable .

The performance of the players is not impressive

The cast of this film are actors who have starred in series more often and are less well known internationally. Starting from Keegan Allen, Holland Roden, Denzel Whitaker, Ronen Rubinstein, George Janko, and Siya. The involvement of these “B class” actors is also what actually makes Follow Me forgettable because there are no famous actors who make us remember the film.

Well , actually there is nothing wrong with the performance of the players in this film. You see, they still manage to describe the expression of fear that makes the atmosphere of the film more tense. However, based on the review of the film Follow Me from KINCIR, their acting is also not too special so that the characters they play in this film leave less impression on the audience.

Sensor-disturbed horror
The main strength of an escape room- themed horror film lies in the bloody scenes, aka gore, when the characters are willing to do everything they can to survive. Follow Me is actually quite successful in presenting these elements in the film. Because, in some of the scenes we can see a number of scenes with gore nuances .

Unfortunately, the gore scene is quite disturbed by the censorship from LSF . This also makes a number of gore scenes in the film cut off just like that when showing bloody and terrible moments.