(REVIEW) Fear Street Part 3: 1666 (2021)


In the last three weeks, Netflix has released a trilogy of horror thrillers based on a storybook called Fear Street . It begins with a story set in 1994, then moves back to 1978, and finally closes by revealing all the facts from the film, which is set in 1666.

Yep, on July 16, the ultimate film Fear Street was made. With the nuances of the 16th century, we are invited to see how the curse began. Seeing the figure of Sarah Feir, the witch who is said to be responsible for all the curses on Shadyside. For those of you who have watched the two films, this closing horror film can now be watched on the Netflix service.

Shadyside has always been described as an underdeveloped city. A city that never developed with a ruthless society. Several times brutal murder cases occurred in Shadyside. Everyone believed that it was a curse from a witch named Sarah Feir.

Actually, Sarah wasn’t a witch. He is a Union villager who loves another woman named Hannah Miller. Well, their unusual love affair was known by the residents and considered to be unlucky. After the relationship between the two spread, all the produce of the Earth suddenly rotted, livestock went crazy, water was polluted, even a priest who was considered the most sacred human, suddenly killed dozens of children sadistically.

Sarah Feir was accused of allying with the devil. He insisted on denying it. Finally, Sarah finds out that Solomon, her best friend, is in league with the devil. However, Solomon covered it up and slandered Sarah. In her last breath, Sarah vowed to reveal the truth.

So this Solomon sacrificed the people he wanted to become assassins. Later, the scattered corpses will be an offering to the devil . In return, Solomon would get whatever he wanted. This has been passed down from generation to generation, down to the 1994 generation.

Well, in 1994, Deena had to kill Solomon’s descendants so that the curse would end. But who are Solomon’s descendants in 1994? Can Deena end the long curse? Watch the full story on Netflix.

The film Fear Street 1666 opens in 1666, hundreds of years after the 2nd film. It tells in detail what happened that year and how this curse came about, as well as who is responsible for the atrocities that have occurred in Shadyside since hundreds of years ago.

Halfway through the film when all of Sarah Feir’s stories are finished broadcast, we return to 1994’s Deena with all the facts she has had to solve the curse. Director Leigh Janiak separates the two stories quite carefully.

He also provides a portion for Sarah Feir’s story that fits. All is revealed when the setting of 1666 is shown. Then, because the film had to be finished, the 1994 setting was shown again and finally the story ended.

Unfortunately, there are two different impressions from the two backgrounds. The audience’s emotions were already strained by Sarah Feir’s conflict, but when Sarah’s story ended and entered the 1994 setting, the visuals changed. We are again presented with the feel of the first film which is more humorous. As a result, the audience’s feelings were fluctuated , from fear and annoyance, to being a little more cheerful, but still in a tense atmosphere.

If sorted from the first film, perhaps Fear Street 1666 has minimal brutal scenes. The story does want to focus on revealing the story of Sarah Feir, the curser. So, very few spectators were presented with scenes of brutal murders such as in Fear Street 1994 and Fear Street 1978 .

Even so, there are at least two terrible scenes presented in this film. First when Sarah Feir’s hand came during a fight with Solomon. This scene really hurts anyone who watches it. Second, there is a scene when Deena kills the descendant of Solomon by sticking a knife into her eye. For those who don’t dare to watch cruel scenes, you can just skip the two scenes.

In the 1666 setting when Sarah Feir’s story is told, the characters are portrayed by actors from the previous film. Kiana Madeira, who played Deena, now plays Sarah. Olivia Scott, who previously played Samantha, now plays Hannah Miller. Or Benjamin Flores, who previously played as Josh, now plays Henry.

The use of the same cast may be a pros and cons for some people. But what is clear, these actors manage to be different people in this 1666 film Fear Street , including costumes and makeup . The similarities between these actors are as if they were truly cursed for hundreds of years with the same fate reincarnation.