Review Ending A Business Proposal, Need Season 2?

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A Business Proposal is one of the dramas that ended in early April. Tells the story of Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong) who replaces his friend date and does not expect that the person he meets is his own boss.

Although the storyline is cliché and predictable, this is actually a plus point for the drama A Business Proposal, because it different when other dramas are full of theories.

Well, this A Business Proposal has just finished its KDrama on Tuesday (6/4/2022). Then how the ending ? Come on, see the following review!

1. It a cliché story when rich parents don’t approve of their children being with ordinary people

One of the clichés in Korean dramas is when rich parents don’t approve of their child relationship with ordinary people. This story also happened to two A Business Proposal couples, namely Kang Tae Moo-Shin Ha Ri and Cha Sung Hoon-Jin Young Seo.

Tae Moo (Lee Deok Hwa) grandfather disapproves of his (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong) relationship, because Ha Ri has tricked him by pretending to be Shin Geum Hui. Moreover, Ha Ri has caused a big problem that caused Tae Moo grandfather to be injured. Fortunately, Tae Moo grandfather cruel attitude begins to melt when Ha Ri tries to get along with him.

It is different with the relationship of Jin Yeong Seo (Seol In Ah) and Cha Sung Hoon (Kim Min Kyu) which Yeong Seo father strongly opposes. Finally Yeong Seo began to feel uncomfortable with his father attitude that always governed his life and decided to rebel against his father.

Even so, Yeong Seo still loves and feels guilty for his father. Unfortunately, it is no longer clear how Yeong Seo relationship with his father.

2. Kang Tae Moo managed to come to terms with his trauma

Since the beginning of the story, we have been shown that Tae Moo has a trauma to the rain. even he could not drive and immediately panic attack when he saw the rain.

This turned out to be caused by his parents’ accident which occurred when it was raining. However, Ha Ri treatment after knowing this actually attracted the attention of the audience. How are you not? While the two of them are eating on a date, Ha Ri tries to block Tae Moo view by sitting next to him so Tae Moo doesn’t have to see the rain from the window.

Not only that, Hari also deliberately invites Tae Moo to take the train, knowing that his girlfriend can’t drive when it rains. Tae Moo is aware that he is touched and grateful, because Ha Ri is still acting as usual instead of feeling sorry for him.

Until episode 11, Tae Moo told that the cause of his parents’ accident was because of him. As a child Tae Moo really wanted to go to the playground and told his parents to hurry up. Unfortunately, they even had a car accident in the pouring rain.

But this thought was immediately dismissed by Ha Ri who said that this was not his fault. Thanks to that, Tae Moo doesn’t blame himself and starts to dare to see the rain.

3. All couples get their own happiness

As predicted from the start, all couples get their own happiness. Even Yeo Timjang and Gye Bin, Ha Ri co-workers end up getting married at the end of the episode.

Even though they get the family blessing, it doesn’t mean that Tae Moo-Ha Ri and Young Seo-Sung Hoon relationship ends just like that. Instead they continue to fight for the relationship until proposed by their respective partners.

4. The audience is still not satisfied with the ending

Even though it has a happy ending with a proposal, the story of this drama stops there. There is no wedding scene, making the audience less satisfied. Moreover, in the manhwa , the story of Tae Moo-Ha Ri is told until marriage. Even Yeong Seo was pregnant.

Not only that, the continuation of Young Seo relationship with his father was also questioned. Remembering in his manhwa , the father finally approves of Young Seo and Sung Hoon relationship.

5. Become a consolation drug for the audience of Twenty-Five Twenty-One

The ending of the drama A Business Proposal is only a few days after the end of Twenty-Five Twenty-One. The ending of Twenty-Five Twenty-One can be said to be a sad ending so that it makes the audience sad too.

Fortunately, with A Business Proposal with a guaranteed happy ending , this can be a little consolation for the audience of Twenty-Five Twenty-One.

With several things that made them dissatisfied with the ending , many netizens hoped for a continuation of season 2 or at least a special episode that told the wedding scene of the Tae Moo-Ha Ri and Young Seo-Sung Hoon couple . Do you think this drama needs season 2 or not?