[REVIEW] Elite season 5 – Netflix continues to milk the school series

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Elite should have ended in season 4.

On April 4, season 5 of the Elite school series was officially broadcast. Like the previous seasons, season 5 also opened with the mysterious death of a character, making the main characters in the film uneasy because of their involvement with this crime. However, this motif is being overused by Netflix, causing boredom for the audience. Every year at Las Encinas, someone dies, but no one bothers to investigate. Over the course of eight episodes, the students of Las Encinas stay at the big party, fall into a difficult love triangle, and once again attempt to evade the law. In addition to the old cast, season 5 of Elite also features a series of new characters, Isadora (Valentina Zenere), Iván André Lamoglia, Cruz (Carloto Cotta) and Bilal (Adam Nourou).

Elite season 4 ends with Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) killing Armando after the pimp attacks Ari (Carla Díaz). When Armando began to move, Guzmán took out his flare gun to defend himself and accidentally killed the bad guy. Samu and Rebe (Claudia Salas) help Guzmán dump the body into the lake. To hide, Guzmán leaves with Ander (Arón Piper). This action causes those who stay like Samu and Rebe to encounter extremely tragic things.

After the murder of Armando (Andrés Velencoso), Samuel is still living with a great secret. Principal Benjamin has imposed strict rules at Las Encinas to teach his students discipline. Everyone tries their best not to tell the truth. Elite season 5 sticks to a wild narrative style with these high school students facing confusion in love, cheating, alcohol, pleasure, jealousy – everything but school. Even Benjamin’s strict rules in high school couldn’t control these growing teenagers.

Elite season 5 is still a setback compared to previous seasons. Phillipe and Caye’s plot doesn’t progress at all, and Ari – who has an interesting personality, barely has any outstanding scenes. One of Elite ‘s main characters from the first season was Omar who became a fading shadow when Ander wasn’t around. Patrick and Samuel were assigned the responsibility of being the focus of season 5, but their story was not compelling enough for the audience to glue their eyes to the screen and patiently watch until the end of 8 episodes.

In addition, the producers also overused the hot scene for this season, from the couple Patrick going to bed with father and son Iván, Samuel and Ari, Ari and Iván made viewers even more bored because they were too naked. It’s clear that the new and old couples lack the same convincing interactions as previous seasons. Even the many nude and rough sex scenes don’t add any meaning to the plot. Characters introduced later are forgotten, such as Bilal (Adam Nourou) and others who are mentioned without leaving any impression. The 8 episodes keep moving forward with all the inconsistencies, to the point where it feels like everything will pass peacefully without any worries.

Iván – the son of the famous football player Cruz and the hot girl of the social network Isadora, is disappointingly faded. The beautiful Isadora lacks motivation when she tries to seduce Prince Philippe, so even though the crew are trying to make Isadora look pitiful, they still fail to create an impressive character. Iván also falls into a similar situation when possessing an uncertain personality that makes those around him more headaches, and viewers uncomfortable.

In general, Elite season 5 cannot satisfy loyal audiences because the plot lacks thrill and suspense. Too much nudity and adding new characters messed things up. The weak plot does not help anyone shine much in terms of acting. Netflix should have ended Elite in season 4 to ensure the quality of the series and the reputation this Spanish series has instead of milking it. Worth mentioning, Elite has been extended to season 6, so fans are even more worried.