[Review] Does Captain Marvel talk to the stars?


Carol Danvers said it, she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. First superhero film with a female character, will Captain Marvel be synonymous with a revival for the house of ideas? Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck bring the adventures of the new universe character to the big screen.

Head to the far reaches of the galaxy, with Captain Marvel . An origin story unlike any other. By immediately plunging us into the heart of the subject, avoiding at the same time the initiatory story of the hero, the film surprises by its construction. The scenario does not suffer from any length and carries us away. The well laid-out plot does not get lost in trivial details. The action is omnipresent without being a hindrance to reading. We do not come close to the epileptic seizure because between two action scenes, the film offers beautiful suspended moments, especially with Carol Danvers’ best friend and her daughter.

As a reminder, Captain Marvel traces the story of Carol Danvers who, in the 90s, became one of the most powerful heroines that ever existed. As Earth becomes the scene of a galactic conflict between two alien races, the Kree and the Skrulls, Captain Marvel has only one solution: to intervene.

Entre Infinity War et Endgame
In addition to being the last film before the final chapter of Avengers , Captain Marvel has the difficult task of revealing a little more about the history of SHIELD After Captain America: First Avenger and the beginnings of the organization, we finds Fury and the others facing a new threat from elsewhere. Even if you don’t have to have seen other films in the universe to appreciate it, aficionados will be delighted to discover this film which takes place before Iron Man . With less than two months of the final Endgame chapter , the film will not reveal any information about its plot but is an entry point. The only thing we remember: Thanos has to worry.Captain Marvel is arguably the most powerful heroine in the universe and will irreparably reduce the purple titan to dust.

Captain Marvel always flies higher
Introducing a character of this magnitude isn’t easy, but Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are doing pretty well. The character of Carol Danvers is believable, endearing and offers beautiful moments of humor. Far from the stereotype of the superhero as could be Thor in the first games, Captain Marvel is above all human and is all the more touching. No more Pepper Potts rescued by their valiant knights, the Scarlet Witch wrongly relegated to the background, the new Marvel heroine bursts the screen and takes on a mission: to make little girls dream. At no time does the character become a caricature and is the vector of a powerful message. Brie Larson shines, literally, in this somewhat sarcastic, sometimes bad-ass and often inspiring heroic figure.

However, it is difficult not to make the comparison with Wonder Woman , the first DCEU film directed and brought to the screen by a woman. Following its release in 2017, Marvel arrives a bit after the battle. Wonder Woman was placed as a precursor by putting women, in front of and behind the camera. A bet that paid off since the film will have grossed 821.8 million at the American box office. Despite this success, the feature film sometimes fell into the traps of the genre and suffered from the tasteless relationship between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. Carol Danvers, unlike her DC alter-ego, doesn’t need romance to exist. Where the ingenuous role of Gal Gadot sometimes damaged his credibility, Captain Marvel appears as a female character, determined and formidable.

But the former Air Force pilot is not the only interesting character in the feature film. It’s clear that Fury’s return is no stranger to the film’s success. Bringing a significant dose of humor, Samuel L. Jackson succeeds in reinventing his character for our greatest pleasure. Much less dark than in previous films, we rediscover the former director of SHIELD and we want more. From Avengers, the choice of Jackson in the casting had paid off and once again the character shines by his casualness.

Side female casting, there are also beautiful people. Annette Bening, gives the reply to Brie Larson at a few rare moments but it is Lashana Lynch who is illustrated as the secondary character par excellence. Best friend of Carol Danvers and mother of a family, she is an unwavering support and brings the character back to her humanity. Unfortunately, we cannot escape the cliché of the little girl who finds herself in awe of the super-heroine and who is reminiscent of the role of Scott Lang’s offspring in Ant-man .

But that is of little importance, because if there is one character who finds his place in the film wonderfully, it is Goose. The iconic cat from the comics arouses both laughs and sighs. No one can stay cold in the face of the cute furball that should make big money for Disney for its merchandise sales. Like Groot before him, Goose is expected to win the hearts of fans.

A recipe that still works
Fans of castagne, will have some for their account with this film. Marvel is illustrated by these clashes, like the Battle of New York in the first Avengers , and Captain Marvel is no exception to the rule, even if they are less numerous and epic than usual. . The fighting scenes are well done. Millimetered, the choreographies are impressive and follow one another without ever getting bored. Served by a fairly effective photography, some scenes remain memorable as the universe is assumed. Ben Davis who had previously operated on Doctor Strangeplays with colors and lights quite cleverly, but doesn’t always do justice to the American landscapes he deals with. The visual effects are unsurprisingly extraordinary, like the rejuvenation of Samuel L. Jackson much more convincing than Tony Stark in Civil War .

You will have understood that the film is set against the backdrop of the 90s. For all those who grew up in the era of pagers and 56K modems, the film is a delicious Madeleine de Proust. Without ever falling into the bidding, the story is punctuated by references each more funny than the other. As for the soundtrack, rock fans will be served, Captain Marvel and his jukebox have a few surprises in store. The titles punctuate the film with precision and will inexorably make you beat the rhythm, even hum… The original music is signed by a Turkish composer. Pinar Toprak, with Captain Marvel, becomes the first woman to set a film of its kind to music. The one who has already worked on Fortnite, gives birth to a main theme that marks the spirits, without being unfortunately of the same ilk as the work of Tyler Bates on the Guardians of the Galaxy or Alan Silvestri on Avengers.