[REVIEW] Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

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Taking the landmark after the events of No Way Home , The Sorcerer Supreme takes place when a mysterious girl named America Chavez “landed” in the world of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) in the MCU universe. She is pursued by the minions of a powerful sorcerer who wants to usurp the power to travel across the universes of America. But if her powers were taken away, she would also die. The MCU’s Doctor Strange stood up for her. And this mission took Strange and America to travel across the multiverse, meeting the “heroes” of these places and then facing the most powerful magic user of the universe.

First, the Sorcerer Supremeis a movie that aims to show how far the MCU can expand, while also introducing a superhero to a growing Young Avengers squad. In this regard, the film has accomplished its goal. Doctor Strange’s story takes viewers through worlds like straight out of the original comic books. Of course, these scenes always include very interesting easter eggs, and the worlds they go through all have their own unique versions of heroes, making Marvel fans cheer. They also help set up a new chapter for the MCU, just like the calculations of the brains behind this increasingly expensive superhero universe. However, the problem is not whether the MCU has run out of ideas, but whether they dare to innovate or still follow a certain line. In this regard, I am the Sorcerer Supremeis still unresponsive.

With a fast tempo, the film’s 2-hour story goes by without feeling lengthy. The film also highlights the action sequences, especially the heroic battles between superheroes that are delivered at the right time, leaving the suspense of the Sorcerer Supreme not reduced or too much. The story is therefore not only coherent, but also has a well-timed bump to keep the viewer’s attention.

Horror is certainly a delightful addition to Doctor Strange’s story. Mystique is a must-have element in the movie when the characters involved are all masters of magic, but so far, this mystery still lacks something. Here, the answer is horror. It makes The Sorcerer Supreme significantly creative and somewhat stimulates the viewer’s experience before a story that still adheres to the familiar Marvel formula.

It’s exciting to watch the dramatic chases unfold on tunes that can “breathe out” the mystique of the magic that surrounds the film’s cells, to witness the legends and cultures that have passed. contribute to the principles of magic here.

However, with that said, The Sorcerer Supreme is still a Marvel movie that barely deviates from the studio’s famous formula. Which means the movie is pretty predictable. Moreover, the details of “foreshadow” are scattered throughout the film, making the twists not bring a sense of surprise or novelty. The writer has long ceased to hope that Marvel will try something new or add details that challenge creativity. Perhaps that is why the traditional horror element highlighted here startled the writer a bit. But for the rest, the story unfolds as the writer speculates, not surprising anymore.

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Of course, not because of that, the film loses its ease of enjoyment and entertainment when there are action scenes and confrontations that “carry the team” for. But one thing that bothers the writer is the heroes that Marvel uses only to highlight the 3 main characters. As the extremely powerful names of Marvel comics, the fact that they are sacrificed here also leaves a little discontent.

Again and again, our main characters are favored not only for their own stories but also for their thickness of personality. Unlike the early films of phase 4, the character from beginning to end has a certain development. They end their journey with a lesson they need to improve themselves. That may not be a profound lesson, but it’s better than nothing, though one of them is just another proof that Marvel is still messing around with their female superheroes.

Similar to No Way Home,The Sorcerer Supreme knows how to please viewers, the general public and fans alike. Mass audiences were treated to beautiful CGI adventures and dramatic action, while fans were treated to exhilarating cameos and easter eggs. But overall, they don’t help thicken the plot.

In fact, if you need nothing more than a story to entertain or are someone who has followed and been a fan of the MCU since the beginning, The Sorcerer Supreme is a movie that is extremely suitable to satisfy the above conditions. Given Marvel’s reputation and hard work since Iron Man , Ultimate Wizard of the Chaos Multiverse is a blockbuster in its own right. It’s just that if you’re looking for more “artistic” footage, this movie can’t do much more to meet that requirement. Even so, it is still the right choice for weekends.