Review Doctor Strange 2: Was it worth the wait? (no spoilers)


Review Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: A gentle warm-up to the mysterious Multiverse and further stimulate the audience desire and curiosity.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness finally arrives in theaters this week after a year-long delay, and the MCU is now in a very different position than it was originally set for a May 2021 release.

After Loki took his first steps into the multiverse, Spider-Man: No Way Home showed all of the concept community potential as it brought together three generations of Spider-Man. Doctor Strange can’t repeat that particular trick, but fans certainly have high hopes for who Strange might run into.

Add to that the excitement that Sam Raimi is directing his first superhero movie since Spider-Man 3, and the worry that Doctor Strange 2 might not hit the hype — or with the movie that it doesn’t. fans have created in their mind.

The truth is it probably won’t, but that necessarily a bad thing. This is purely a Sam Raimi movie and certainly the first MCU horror movie, resulting in some unique sequences. However, the story is strange and possibly divisive for fans.

Charming stars
The veteran Marvel actress showcased her career in the 2021 movie WandaVision, which resulted in award nominations and fan support. Olsen elevates Scarlet Witch to 11th for this entire movie and moves on to another incredibly gripping performance. She is sweet but scary. She has compassion but is cruel.

Xochitl Gomez America Chavez also deserves credit.

The young actress plays alongside the Oscar-nominated Benedict Cumberbatch and holds her position in every scene. Her unique set of powers makes her feel like an immediately welcome addition, and her Multiverse-inspired abilities will keep audiences glued to her every move. . Other than that, she simply a charming character.

Our Strange wakes up thinking it all a dream – until Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) wedding day is interrupted by the arrival of Gargantos, which means Strange has to change clothes quickly. During the battle, he meets Chávez and begins a rampage.

With the help of his new ally and Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), Strange sets out to traverse the alternate realities of the multiverse to confront a mysterious and dangerous new villain.

And that all you’ll get from us. As well as putting you into the action, the overall pacing is relentless and the sequel comes out a lot sooner than you’d expect. There been plenty of speculation from fans about the villain, which we won’t reveal here, but it revealed surprisingly quickly.

That means there isn’t really a single mystery for Strange to unravel, and it shouldn’t take you long to realize that there not much else going on, according to the plot. There are certainly attempts and nods to deeper themes, but the same notes are repeated throughout and there no time for further exploration as the movie fast-forwards to a different location or setting. .

In reality, though, there not really as much multiverse jump as you’d expect, so the movie never feels clunky or too long. If you’re after two hours watching the spectacle, it doesn’t disappoint and the multiverse scene is fully exploited, visually speaking. Most interesting, however, is the movie that has Raimi handprints on it.

Benedict Wong Wong continues to dominate the MCU, becoming the Sorcerer Supreme for the third time in the past eight months. His banter facing Cumberbatch remains as strong as ever, as the two have developed a bond that resembles the famous MCU friendships of Tony Stark and James Rhodes or Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

Magical moments in a messy scenario
Rest assured, this movie delivers a lot of the MCU signature moments. You can’t say what or why without going into the vandalism, but be confident that there will be many scenes that will bring tears to your eyes.

That said, they pay with the story. The story is surprisingly simple, which should make even the most casual Marvel fan accessible. That said, the straightforward nature of the plot makes it goofy at times, and certain moments feel uncomfortable because of the way they’re forced to work within the story instead of fitting in. nature.

Much of that is down to the movie MacGuffins . There are only so many “things” that can be featured in a movie before it all comes down to weight loss. Reviving the Darkhold from WandaVision is a great choice, but bringing in other mystical objects to play a larger role affects the surrounding puzzle pieces.

These new installments also lead to a sense of awkward pacing by Marvel standards. Projects like Avengers: Infinity War and Loki have professionally captivated viewers for their lengthy stories. While Strange story here isn’t hard at all, there are pauses between the action sequences and gripping Multiverse moments that can leave audiences impatient to want to return to the compelling elements. more lead.

While the Multiverse of Madness title implies this is a climactic time travel event, at its core is a Doctor Strange movie. Similar to how Captain America: Civil War divides its protagonist, Steve Rogers, Doctor Strange 2 is a spin-off from Stephen Strange. And this is a solo movie.

Sequels like Civil War and Spider-Man: No Way Home have wowed fans with their impressive cast of characters wreaking havoc after a cataclysmic event. Doctor Strange 2 gives fans a taste of the aforementioned Avengers-lite movies but stays true to its title character throughout 126 minutes/

For that reason, don’t expect Avengers 5. It a light-hearted warm-up to the Multiverse, and based on Feige recent quotes, it not the last time Marvel Studios has explored the wide unknowns. big. With an imaginative idea like this, Doctor Strange 2 evokes everything and makes the audience yearn to see the next MCU movies.