Review: Do You Like Brahms? Reality of competition between musicians


Do you like Brahmas? is one of the South Korean television drama series in 2020 that attracted the attention of many viewers.

Raising the theme of music, this drama takes one of the instrument titles, namely Brahms as the title of this drama. This drama will first air on August 31, 2020 and finish on October 20 on the TV station, SBS TV, every Monday and Tuesday.

A total of 16 episodes, making on-going viewers curious about the ending of the story and making viewers who watch it when it’s finished, aka the anti- ongoing ongoing club, waiting for each new episode to arrive.

Eitss… Don’t forget Do you like Brahms? This will be filled with various kinds of OST (Original Sound Track) which makes us even more excited while watching.

review do you like brahms

Profil Drama Do You Like Brahms

Judul Drama: Do You Like Brahms?
Pengejaan Latin: Beuramseureul Joahaseyo
English: Like Brahms
Director: Cho Young Min
Screenwriter: Ryu Bo Ri
Broadcasting Station: SBS
Number of Episodes: 16
Release: 31 August – 20 October 2020
Showtimes: Monday and Tuesday 22.00 – 23.10

Do You Like Brahms is one of the Korean dramas that took over the Monday Tuesday slot previously filled by Good Casting and also followed by Penthouse.

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Trailer Do You Like Brahms
Curious about this Korean drama story? Guaranteed by watching the following video trailer you will also be more curious.

Plot and Synopsis of M Review
Do You Like Brahmas? is a Korean drama that tells the story of the life of classical musicians.

Students who are at a prestigious music university in Seoul, Park Joon Young is a genius pianist who returns to college. Meanwhile, Chae Song Ah, is a person who really likes to play the violin but naturally has no talent and is always left behind.

This drama will be starred by actors and actresses, there is no need to doubt their acting. First there, Kim Min-Jae who once stole the hearts of the audience as a handsome nurse in Dr.Romantic season 2 here plays the role of Park Joon Young, a reliable pianist who has participated in many competitions since he was still relatively young, he didn’t mind winning the competition. prestigious in the international arena so that his name skyrocketed in the international music market and of course South Korea, but there is a secret that makes him not want to compete anymore. What do you think, K-Drama Lovers?

Well, apart from that, Joon-Young was also involved in an unrevealed love story with his best friend, Lee Jung-Kyung, played by Park Ji-Hyun, a great violinist who chose to have a relationship with his best friend Joon Young, namely, Han Hyun-Ho who played by Kim Sung-Chul.

Besides Kim Min-Jae, there is Park Eun-Bin, a woman who has played with Kai EXO in the Choco Bank series , here plays the role of Chae Song-Ah whose name sounds like an apology in Korean. It is told as a person who really loves the world of music, especially the violin, but there are many obstacles that make him experience delays in music school and then he becomes someone who often gets rejected in the course of his music career because his grades are arguably not good.

However, among the many rejections of his intention to go to school and take music seriously, there is only one person who supports him in continuing to make music, namely, Yoon Dong-Yoon, played by Lee You-Jin, Chae Song Ah’s best friend from a long time who first studied music, Chae Song-Ah who sees Dong-Yoon’s attention as love can’t express what she feels because her best friend, Kang Min-Sung, played by Bae Da-Bin has liked Dong-Yoon for a long time. Not wanting to hurt Kang Min-Sung, Song Ah never told anyone about her true feelings about Dong-Yoon.

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Because his grades were not good enough to join the Orchestra , he was finally expelled from the Orchestra where the pianist in the Orchestra was Park Joon Young. However, that was the beginning of their closeness which was supported by their activities which were both in the music world, making the intensity of their meeting more frequent, plus Chae Song Ah began to ‘apprentice’ at the Kyounghoo Group company, which is the agency that houses Park Joon Young. and the owner of the company is Jung-Kyung’s grandmother.

Decided to anchor their love, because both of them did not want to be involved in a love triangle with their friends. Behind the sweetness of the relationship, a lot has happened between them, starting from Chae Song Ah who is constantly looked down upon and always compared to her own boyfriend, making her often lose her confidence as Chae Song Ah, the boyfriend of a famous pianist and as Chae Song Ah, a violinist who not smart enough in the world of music.

Park Joon Young, who told the story of the bitterness of ‘silence’ when competing, inevitably had to enter the competition again because his family, who had been helped by Jung-Kyung, caused trouble and left debts here and there. But problems continue to arise with the debate between Chae Song-Ah and Min-Sung, Jung-Kyung who openly likes Joon-Young makes Hyon-Ho hurt and stays away from Joon-Young, but he still loves Jung-Kyun but also feels unworthy because Jung-Kyung is the heir to a famous company. Dong-Yoon, who is indecisive because he loves Song-Ah, also continues to receive special treatment from Min-Sung.