Review: Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train


Anime/manga lovers seem to be experiencing the fever of ‘Demon Slayer’, or also known as ‘ Kimetsu No Yaiba ‘ in Japanese. In Indonesia, the 26-episode series can be watched via the Netflix paid streaming service. Well, the film version is a direct continuation of the series.

In his native Japan, this film reaped an extraordinary record, namely being the film that earned the fastest revenue of 10 billion or Rp. 1,353,922,083,000 in the history of the box office in Japan, surpassing the record held by ‘ Spirited Away‘ (2001) for 19 years. most recently with a 10 billion bookkeeping which he achieved within 25 days. As of December 28, 2020, ‘Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train’ earned 32.47 billion or equivalent to Rp. And all that was achieved during the covid-19 pandemic that was still engulfing the world, which limited capacity and audience visits, it was truly extraordinary!

In Indonesia alone As far as I can see, this film gets much more attention than ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ for example. At the premium studio of a cinema in South Jakarta, which I visited on Thursday (7/1/2021) in the afternoon, the studio capacity was completely filled, the majority of the audience from teenagers to their 20s were busy watching it.

For those who are not familiar with or don’t follow the manga or anime series , ‘Demon Slayer’ takes place about 100 years ago in Japan, tells the story of a boy named Tanjiro Kamado who was forced by circumstances to fight the demons, after his own family was massacred by them. and his younger sister named Nezuko turned into a compatriot of demons.
The film version is a sequel to the ending of the anime series , or an adaptation of chapters 52 to 66 of the manga series . In the film we are invited to get acquainted with a new hero named Rengoku , also two demons unusually strong, even Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke overwhelmed match .

In the car they meet Rengoku , one of the ‘ Hashira ’ – the strongest fire swordsman in the ‘Demon Slayer’ universe. Rengoku believes there are several demons in the car that are aiming for the lives of 200 passengers, and he himself is on a mission to find the demon that is reported to have killed 40 slayer demons . Unexpectedly, the two demons they will encounter are the strongest they have ever faced.

There is one demon who managed to make Tanjiro, Zenitsu , Inosuke , and Rengoku fall into a deep sleep until they were lulled into dreamland. The devil’s mission is to destroy their souls while they are asleep, so that they cannot wake up again. Through a glimpse – a glimpse of the dream we can better understand the characters more deeply our hero.

Without divulging more elements of the story, the film’s story doesn’t stop there, there are still other enemies and splinter stories about Rengoku , including his background, are kidnapped, compiling an impressive chapter on the noble values ​​that the anime/manga series ‘Demon‘ holds. Slayer’ this.
I’ve finished the anime series , and just started reading the early chapters of the manga , frankly the experience of watching this film on a big screen in a cinema is a completely different experience, everything that’s exciting about it is many times more exciting, especially the visuals and sound. which complement each other to create a maximum cinematic experience.
The animation technique of this film is done by studio Ufotable under the direction of director Haruo Sotozaki , who also handles the anime series . The graphics and movements are beautiful, the emotional sequences displayed by the characters are well realized, also thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the voice actors. And we are very lucky to see this film in the original Japanese version, not the English dubbed version which will certainly reduce the taste itself.

I’m not a hardcore anime/manga fan who is always up to date with the latest trends in Japanese pop culture, but during my time I enjoyed anime like ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘ Ranma 1/2’ ‘BT X’, ‘ Yaiba ‘, ‘Samurai -X’, and a number of other titles. What I want to say is, watching ‘Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train’ for me brings good memories to a number of anime titles, which I consider to have the same spirit in describing the hero characters as well as the message of the story itself.
Well, even though this anime series or movie filled with many scenes of brutal bloody, but figures of our hero is not portrayed behave sadistically or not heartless , they are always portrayed as a jolly figures, and do not hesitate to loose the tears. In this case, I consider this film to continue the noble values ​​of the Japanese manga/anime world which always carries good messages regarding morals, family values, about friendship bonds, and above all; love and humanity.