[Review] Blood Machine: French science fiction little gem


Take two French directors, a main character in the darksynth, a bit of Metal Hulant After 3 and above all, a voracious desire to change the code and you’ve got Blood Machines, a true declaration of love for science fiction and cinema in general.

How to tell the Blood Machine without comparing it to the many sci-fi movies that fall on our screens? Easy, it doesn’t look like any of them. This mid-length film (50 minutes) lands in our theaters Army of Thieves on a closed circuit, making a lot of noise wherever it goes, as if announcing its color: you haven’t finished hearing it yet.

Initially, there were Dune two French directors, Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard, united under the same pseudonym, Seth Ickerman, a specialist in what we call “garage films”, that is to say – say projects put together with very few resources. , but a lot of imagination and internal knowledge. After a fruitful collaboration Eternals with French artist Carpenter Brut, a darksynth specialist, on the Turbo Killer clip (which we can’t recommend too much to watch on YouTube), Ickerman decided to expand this fantastical universe. Two Kickstarter campaigns later, Blood Machines shattered our retinas.

We follow a spaceship hunt by a healing war machine, led by Captain Vascan (Anders Heinrichsen) and the second, Lago (Christian Erickson). When a female ghost emerges from Fast & Furious 9 a stranded carcass before flying into space, our two friends, accompanied by the mysterious priestess Corey (Elisa Lasowski), will pursue her to understand this mystical phenomenon.

New blood from Blood Machine
While appealing to the imagination, science fiction is a genre that struggles to renew itself as we often have the impression of seeing in each new production a lot of borrowings from Halloween Kills Blade Runner, Star Wars, 2001 and others. And that’s what immediately surprises you with the Blood Machine: the difference. Inspiration, almost inevitably, remains visible, but is always used to bring something new, to show, to tell.

When you think that it was shot mainly in a studio in Picardy with Jungle Cruise most of the material salvaged, hats off to the artists! “Let’s do it the old fashioned way,” Vascan says at the start of the film. That’s the word!

The film reveals from the first minute his quirky style, a tribute to the ’80s neon clip with a big cyberpunk twist. This mid-length film will replace narrative moments King Naresuan 6 with sequences where the musical dimension – Carpenter Brut’s massive score – will take over to offer a dream-like setting where our senses will be tested. A true slice of cinema, between ambition and experimentation.

Little giant in big league
Not wanting to sign a film where explanation takes precedence over image, Ickerman prefers to let his silence and the poetry of his shots speak for the bodies of women freeing themselves from No Time to Die their machine conditions. The Blood Machine offers us a trail and leads us to an exegesis reading of the whole where many parts remain unclear. Yes, it does tell something, and if it seems awkward at times, we have to recognize the impact. What to forgive for its sometimes too vague odyssey or play acting that is not always convincing.

Congratulations to the Blood Machine. For his bold bias, his strong ideas, his passion, his ambition Pisaj and this final result which clearly shows that cinema is not just about means, even in 2020.