[Review] Avengers: Infinity War, the superhero movie the world needed


Ten years ago, without viewers realizing it, Marvel started a massive cinematic cycle. The superheroes, these imaginary beings who appropriate our reality, began to experience disproportionate adventures which turned into a delightful family spectacle. Iron Man, directed by a certain Jon Favreau, was then only a first stone used to build a much larger wall, the extent of which was impossible to measure. A decade later, therefore, we are sitting in a dark room with the goal of witnessing the end of an era. Thanos is coming, for better or for worse?

No one is really ready
” Please don’t spoil the story of Avengers: Infinity War, ” a press officer told the crowd a few minutes before the start of the screening. A logical and understandable request, which we will do our best to respect. This new episode of the Avengers saga , which is the third segment bringing together all the heroes known to date, therefore tells us about the takeover of a certain Thanos. The one who is nicknamed ” The Mad Titan Has only one goal for a long time, to get hold of all the infinity stones (six in total) in order to obtain a power so excessive that no one will be able to interrupt his plans. Because yes, the greatest supervillain in Marvel history has a clear goal in his mind: to wipe out half of the beings in the universe.

As one can imagine, the superheroes ally themselves in order to thwart the sad fate which seems to befall them. We find with a certain joy characters that we have seen evolve, both physically and psychologically. This episode is a real tour de force, offering a cast that is both bloated and relevant. We find the stars of the franchise with a palpable emotion, and we wonder what awaits us, the effect of surprise is always omnipresent. Infinity War is written and directed with real intelligence, and features a substantial number of scenes that leave your mouth open. This is where the strength of the feature film lies.

Unlike a majority of current works, especially when it comes to the field of superheroes (MCU included), this Avengers amazes. The spectator finds himself in a delicate position where nothing seems acquired and where everything seems to be able to happen, to each character. We find ourselves looking for the slightest clue in the scenes that pass before our eyes, as if the worst was pointing the tip of his nose at every moment. The main difference with the previous installments of the saga is the frantic pace that keeps going from one end of the film to the other. No respite is left and it is so much the better as the achievement of the Russo brothers is distinguished by its richness.

Emotion and lightness, very nice couple
Some already fear the too pronounced effect of the humor of this new story. But Infinity War skillfully mixes action, lightness and emotion. While Thor: Ragnarok felt like it was overbearing, this feature plays perfectly with our feelings, alternating laughs and tears with bewildering ease. Much more than in the past, the film focuses on the psychology of the various protagonists and we discover a still hidden facet of our superheroes. Iron Man and Captain America are no longer pulling the cover and one feels that the will to create a unit, a balanced group where every weakness is associated with a strength, takes precedence over the rest.

In that sense, Thanos is quite possibly the best supervillain in the franchise. If the score played by Josh Brolin is impeccable, it is also and above all because the writers and directors have understood the very essence of this entity apart in the Marvel universe. Much more than what has always been described and presented, this new enemy has a crazy charisma that leaves room for strange feelings in our hearts. The spectator finds himself in a strange in-between, mixing empathy and enduring hatred towards him.

Beyond being a simple superhero movie, Avengers: Infinity War strives to be credible in its approach and to offer a breathtaking spectacle that combines content and form. The substance because the plot narrated by the feature film is more subtle than it appears and the form, because what is presented on the screen is technically flawless. The artistic direction is impeccable and allows the viewer to travel from one country to another with disconcerting simplicity. We go from Earth to the rest of the universe in the blink of an eye with a welcome naturalness. The special effects are strikingly beautiful and no false note is to be noted during the 2h40 of projection, a fact rare enough to be underlined.

The centerpiece of the modern blockbuster?
As for the photography carried out by Trent Opaloch, it must also be raised as the work carried out is so powerful. If the American has already worked in the past on Marvel productions (including Captain America ), but also with Neill Blomkamp ( District 9 , Chappie ), he has truly surpassed himself this time. The different plays of light as well as the contrast between the Wakanda of Black Panther and the desolate lands of the planet Titan gain in consistency and realism. Everything was perfectly thought out and synchronized with the film, which is logically useful to him.

Regarding the actors who make up this score, a question creeps into our convoluted minds at the end of the screening: ” Who else could have played these superheroes?” “. We must be frank and say that even if it is, in the end, only a blockbuster seeking to be the spokesperson for the great American show, the feature film is bluffing. The actors and actresses who compose it have a lot to do with it. From Robert Downey Jr, still cut out for the role of Iron Man, through Chris Pratt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zoe Saldana or Chadwick Boseman, everyone seems more than legitimate in their costume. We may regret that some characters are not entitled to as fair treatment as they deserve, but we can not afford to be choosy. The Russo Brothers can be proud of the work that has been done, which could divide, but which is able to become a centerpiece of the modern blockbuster.