[Review] Artemis Fowl at Disney+, disappointing epic


Failing to own the rights to a theatrical release, Artemis Fowl arrives at Disney+. An adaptation After 3 of the eponymous novel was announced as a worthy heir to the Harry Potter saga. Did this film live up to our expectations?

Disney explores new worlds with Artemis Fowl. The platform has been broadcasting since today feature films adapted from the novels of the Irish writer Eoin Colfer. It follows the adventures Charlie, les filles lui disent merci of 12 year old Artemis, descended from a long line of criminals and already endowed with extraordinary intelligence. When his father mysteriously disappears, the boy will discover that all the legends and fairy tales he read to him as a child are real. His father is imprisoned and Artemis must seize the great power of the fairies to save him. Adapting a literary saga isn’t easy and this time Disney stumbled.

If fans waited impatiently for this feature film, the results fell short of our expectations. But with this first novel, widely acclaimed by readers, there is much to be done. From the first minute, when the screenwriter chooses to present the universe through a narrator played by Josh Gad, the film Les Éternels collapses like a house of cards. All plot bets are balanced on spectators who have no other choice but to hang their own car. In Artemis Fowl, things go too fast. We are briefly introduced to a world where Opération Portugal fairies rub shoulders with trolls and dwarves, before embarking on a frenzied epic that leaves you with a headache. With the snap of a finger, fairies who were originally enemies become allies, just like the accelerated Stockholm syndrome. The director tries to put his intrigue into his shoes, in a film that’s only one hour and thirty minutes long.

Moreover, this action plot doesn’t leave much room Kaamelott : Premier Volet to explore the souls of the characters. The butler, played by Nonso Anozie, is only allowed to perform rare sequences and is limited to foil roles. We imagine him to be more of a father figure, strong to the boys, intrigue will not linger in this relationship. Ditto, for the young elf Holly Short camped by Lara McDonnell. Even the main character OSS 117 : Alerte rouge en Afrique noire doesn’t escape this summary treatment and what we present as an apprentice villain is ultimately the protagonist as we’ve seen thousands in the genre. Finally, what Artemis Fowl lacks is the sweet craziness that the novels are made of.

Finally, who says the universe is fantastic, of course Free Guy says special effects and here too the encounter is missed. This film wants to be a worthy heir to Harry Potter, it doesn’t come close to a Chris Columbus feature film. Artemis develops the world half way between Lord of the Rings and Tron and the results are frankly not the most beautiful of effects.

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Artemis Fowl’s development seems to be Dune in disarray. The film was first released on our screens in 2019, before being postponed to spring 2020, but the closure of theaters around the world will prompt Disney to review its plans. common sense by offering it on its platform. Kenneth Branagh’s film is really just another failed “origin story,” of a character who will surely never return to our screens. Young and old will choose their path and will Shang Chi prefer to see other productions of the genre that are branded by Disney. We think particularly of Brad Bird’s film, In pursuit of tomorrow, which however has no right to success indoors. Harry Potter can sleep well, succession is far from certain. Artemis Fowl doesn’t have the makings of a fantastic saga.