Review: Are Falcon and Winter Soldiers Living Up to Their Ambition?


The second series that Marvel has branded on Disney+, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, has indeed promised a monster success. The production, which puts Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in the spotlight, hopes to do as well as Wandavision. We saw the first episode, we tell you what we think about it.

In 2021, there will be no shortage of Marvel productions. After an empty year for the MCU, superheroes are making a big comeback on our screens. The second series to be branded by the idea house on Disney+, Falcon and the Winter Soldier has ambitions to offer a great visual effects show in the film’s tradition of the genre. Did the bet work? Written by Malcom Spellman, the series immerses us in the months following the events of Avengers: Endgame. As humanity tries to rebuild itself, Sam Wilson must accept his responsibilities as a superhero and his role as a brother. Now that Steve Rogers has retired to spend happy days with Peggy Carter, the Falcon must ensure the legacy of this national hero. Meanwhile, Bucky Barnes confronts his past and faces the consequences of his actions. He lives with painful memories and must adapt to a world he doesn’t know much about.

If WandaVision takes the party to offer us an ambitious reinterpretation of the Marvel universe, Falcon and the Winter Warriors are in line with what the MCU has offered us. After the first epileptic action scene, and one that leaves you with a headache, the story gets even more intense as we explore the fates of the two characters. Instead of being drawn to the plot that will unfold in the rest of the series, this first episode opts for a gentle introduction. Far from being as frantic as one might think, this chapter offers wonderful moments of intimacy that are sorely lacking in feature films. It is in these moments that Falcon and the Winter Soldier find the good in our eyes. This first episode, built in parallel, already promises a high-flying encounter between the two protagonists, but it’s still hard to know what awaits us.

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We’ve seen them go head-to-head on screen, but the two actors were never invested in the main character roles. Fortunately, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie are up for the challenge. They allow us to discover new sides of their respective personalities, but not completely at odds with what they already have to offer on the big screen. Translator Bucky Barnes stands out in particular, in his incarnation of an old lost soul in an unknown universe. Their association should make a spark, for our greatest pleasure. On the plot side, this first episode is a bit stingy in details. The mystery of the organization that threatens world peace is still intact, even if various trailers and extracts have already revealed the identity of the main antagonist. It remains to be seen from now on which path the writers will take and whether the journey will live up to its promise. Falcon and The Winter Soldier should introduce a new generation of superheroes, but it’s no small feat.

After a somewhat agreed-upon introduction, Falcon and Winter Soldier are already promising to gain momentum. Without actually breaking free from the shackles of Marvel production, the series appears to be an entertainment hit that will delight fans from the start. If it’s hard after one episode to know if it’s going to work on establishing itself long-lastingly, this first episode has the advantage of not feeling (too) hot. On the other hand, it cannot be compared to WandaVision which with its ambitious form gathers fans and new people to achieve its goals. Too bad, Falcon and the Soldier of the Hive r is aimed primarily at viewers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there’s a lot of that on Disney+.