Review : Anime One Piece


A few days ago, I installed One Piece dp bbm. Not long after I chatted with a friend, a girl. “Like One Piece too?” he said. “Yes, obviously. I still follow it until now.” I really like One Piece because One Piece has a yellow hat, I like yellow. Even though I’m old enough that it’s not the right size to watch cartoons, it’s One Piece (read: OP) that makes me have to download anime and read the manga every week. This fairly old anime still exists compared to anime like Naruto whose manga has come to an end and Naruto has become Hokage. OP is my favorite anime after Dragon Ball and Detective Conan.

It’s been a long time since I watched the OP because the national television doesn’t show it anymore. It was broadcast on RCTI every week and then moved to Global TV every afternoon. Finally KPI banned the broadcast because there were too many violent scenes. Besides, I also agree with KPI, even if it was broadcast, there would be a lot of censorship. The TV must be blurry, even if I ask my father for a new TV, it’s still blurry. Once upon a time, one of Malang’s local TV stations broadcasted the OP. But soon the TV station was bullied by netizens who also happened to be Oplovers because the TV station did not get official permission from the OP anime and manga provider site which implemented rules not to trade OP anime in any form.

Since it is no longer shown on tv, I no longer watch the OP. Because it’s already far enough behind. But in April 2015, I tried to watch the OP again from the beginning again. Because coincidentally, my college friends have a large collection of OP anime and I just enjoy it. For two whole months I devoured five episodes every day. On weekends, sometimes all day long watching OP up to 20 episodes at once. Since it’s up to the latest episode. Now just waiting for the manga every Thursday. Currently the anime has reached episode 704 and the manga has chapter 797 since this was written.

The reason I still feel at home watching the OP is for several reasons. One of them is that the plot is difficult to predict. This is proof of Eiichiro Oda’s intelligence that made the OP manga published in 1997 until now not finished. These Oplovers were annoyed because Oda-Sensei gave a surprise in every episode. Even the OP’s sites are not a few that describe the predictions of the OP’s flow that will be published. However, they often make wrong predictions because Oda’s plot is different. Even if in the end there is only one thing that can be guessed, namely when the main character, Monkey D. Luffy, becomes the pirate king. I don’t know when the OP that I watched since I was in elementary school just finished when my son also watched it.

In addition, the silliness and various forms of characters in OP make it an anime that is different from the others. In other anime, the characters from one another are almost the same. The OP is actually different because the characters are depicted in very strange shapes and sometimes even make you laugh because of the ridiculous expressions of the characters. But not all of the OP’s stories tend to be ridiculous and full of laughter. But sometimes Oda presents a story full of drama and epic from the main characters.

Broadly speaking, the One Piece story is divided into two seasons, the first is the story of navigating the Grand Land and the second exploring the New World. One piece lovers, of course, should be familiar with terms in the world of One Piece, such as the types of devil fruits from Logia, Paramecia, and Zoan, Haki, Poneglyph. Then the characters such as World Government, Marine, Yonkou, Ouka Shichibukai, Tenryuubito and Pirates. The main characters are, of course, Monkey D. Luffy and Nakamanya (the crew of the ship/ABK) who are members of the Strew Hat Pirates (Straw Hat Pirates) or commonly abbreviated as SHT. This story is about the dreams of the SHT crew starting from Zorro, Nami, Usop, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook to achieve their dreams by becoming a pirate and carrying Luffy as the next pirate king.

What is still a mystery in this anime is what One Piece itself is. Because One Piece from the beginning until now is still not clear what it looks like and where it is located. Or is it just pirate treasure or something more than treasure. Who knows only Gol D. Roger, the pirate king and Yonkou, Whitebeard (White beard Pirates/WHT) who confirmed the existence of One Piece. Then there is the initial D in the One Piece characters and the meaning of D has not been explained with certainty as in Luffy’s name. Because they are the ones who can get One Piece. That said, if the One Piece is found, it will become the next pirate king.