[Review Anime] Another


At first I watched this anime by accident, but thankfully because of that accident I found another recommended anime. Title : Another Release Date : January 10, 2012 Episode : 12 Duration : 24 Minutes per Eps Genre : Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, Thriller, School Source : Novel Studio : PA Works Synopsis

26 years ago, a student from class 3-3 at Yomiyama-Kita Middle School named Misaki passed away. But both the homeroom teacher and her friends continued to act as if she was still with them, and by the time she took the graduation photo, Misaki really seemed to be among them. Left alone by his father who went abroad, Sakakibara Kouichi had to spend his last year of middle school moving to Yomiyama-Kita. He is admitted to class 3-3, where he later meets a girl named Misaki Mei, but strangely, apart from Kouichi alone, no other student seems to be aware of the girl’s existence.

Breathtaking! A classic mystery horror story where the characters are trapped in a closed place while a ruthless killer is on the loose, only in this anime, both the ruthless killer and the closed place are eliminated. Can it be done? Of course you can!, This anime managed to give a completely new and refreshing version of this genre, this anime proves that to keep the audience tense what is needed is not a scary antagonist, but a sense of helplessness and uncertainty over what will happen next. The dangers that haunt the characters are still palpable, and in their efforts to stop them lies an ever-intriguing mystery with unexpected twists and attention to detail.

Collectively, the fears and frustrations of the students in grades 3-3 are very real. Suspicion, forced laughter, or angry outbursts. Although occasionally dramatized, their reactions still make sense, and thus add to the spooky feel of the story. Individually, these anime characters don’t have too many distinctive features, but this only makes them easy to understand, reinforces the element of realism in this anime, and in particular, because it is given a detailed history which then plays a significant role in the mystery. The main characters like Kouichi and Mei are very well prepared.

Every part of the visuals in this anime supports the mystery horror feel of the story. From the rust on the handles on the school roof to the silent and restless stares from the students in grades 3-3, it all really gave the impression that something bad was going on and something even worse was about to happen. Death scenes in the style of the Final Destination film series that look like accidents at the highest level are enough to cause anyone to have nightmares. The visualization so far for some viewers may feel too overwhelming, but when compared to Final Destination, this anime holds its level of cruelty to the point that it is still able to astonish the audience without forcing them to look away.

Opening: Kyoumu Densen by ALI PROJECT and Ending: history by Annabel. In my opinion, the Opening and Ending songs are bad. The name is also a horror anime. However, the opening animation has a horror aura that fits perfectly with the anime.

Storyline : 9 / 10
Character : 9 / 10
Art : 8.8 / 10
Ost : 7 / 10
Another : 8.6 / 10

This anime is quite good, I really enjoy the horror atmosphere. There are still many mysteries that have not been explained, such as the origin of the curse, memories, etc. Yeah, it looks like it’s better that these things don’t need to be explained. This anime also has a plot twist that is quite surprising.