[Review Anime] 91 Days


Have you ever been angry, hated to give rise to revenge, an unforgettable grudge for 1-2 days to years?

Title : 91 Days
Release Date : July 9, 2016
Episode : 12
Duration : 24 Minutes per Eps
Genre : Action, Drama, Historical
Source : Original
Studio : Shuka

The story begins with the massacre of the Testa Lagusa family. At that time, Angelo, Testa Lagusa’s eldest son, and his younger brother were hiding in the closet while watching his father being killed, because his sister couldn’t bear to run to her mother. the same fate must be received by the mother and sister who were killed as well. At that time, Anggelo could not do anything after the criminals fled, Angelo went to Corteo’s house to take cover but his actions were discovered by one of the criminal gangs and shot him. Luckily the shot didn’t hit Angelo. It’s been 7 years, Angelo has become a teenager. but he still remembers the dark incident, one day he receives a mysterious letter informing him of the identity of his father’s killer. they are the Vanneti family, children and loyal followers of the family. In the name of revenge, Angelo also changed his name to Avilio Bruno so that his efforts were successful. What is the next story Will Angelo or Avilio succeed in getting his revenge?

I really like action anime with classic story themes like this, I think this is very unique. The story is very simple, anyone who watches it will know the essence of the story after watching a few episodes. but the fun thing in this anime is about conflicts between mafia families to rule each other.
The name is also a story about a gang/mafia, of course it requires quite a lot of characters so that the story develops smoothly. it’s just that some important characters in this anime don’t stand out and are like extra characters.

The depiction of this anime is not too flashy and not below average, just really fits the theme of the anime (Simple). I really like the angle of the picture, especially when the mafia is taking each other down, tragic but very enjoyable.

I like the opening the most, which is very integrated with the story and genre of 91 days. the title is Signal by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure, the song is able to stimulate my adrenaline to keep watching this anime. Of course you are already familiar with this Japanese band, they also performed the song Opening PSYCHO-PASS, for those who are familiar with their songs, they are suitable for the action genre. Overall Storyline : 9.2 / 10 Characters : 9 / 10 Art : 8.8 / 10 Ost : 9.1 / 10 91 Days : 9 / 10 Yes, that’s what I can review, and which group do you belong to, people who have watched it or not?, if not, I recommend it for anime fans with the Action, Drama, Historical genres.